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    Linda C

    What would be a good budget friendly food recommendation for a senior Bernese Mountain dog? He’s currently eating Kirkland’s dry for seniors which is okay but we’d like to up the quality while still adhering to a giant breeds nutritional needs.

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    s s

    They don’t have any special needs unless they have digestive issues, which is possible in large or giant breed dogs as they age. If you want a traditional kibble Dr. Tim’s is the best.

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    D L M

    Most information that I have seen suggests a food with higher protein and lower fat. DLM

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    Hi Linda C-

    Both Victor and NutriSource have senior recipes that are higher in protein than most senior foods that I have fed. But, I think the best thing you can do for your dog is to add meal mixers or toppers to your dog’s meals to increase the nutritional value of dry dog food.

    Adding less processed foods such as, eggs, sardines, canned and/or fresh foods, I believe is a big boost to my dogs’ meals.

    Here is a download that may be helpful:
    It is only $2.95 and may give you some good ideas. Here is another link that can give you some free ideas:

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Linda C

    Thanks everyone! I was pretty sure there wasn’t an issue with too much protein as there is with large breed puppies. I liked the Dr. Toms ingredient list and there’s no yeast in it! I don’t know if the yeast issue has been proven (yeast increasing chance of bloat) but these deep chested guys are susceptible to bloat so why take a chance. Thanks again!

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    DLM is correct: higher protein is best and average fat unless he’s overweight then lower fat.

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    Susan W

    Check out VeRus dog food. Their formulas run in the 24 – 26% protein range and they have a variety of choices. If you fill out the questionnaire on the website they’ll help you choose the right formula for your dog and send you samples to try. BTW – one thing I love about their food is that it doesn’t smell like dog food. http://www.veruspetfoods.com

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    Authority R

    if you have any special needs unless they have digestive issues so look this great post for you.

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