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    Have you had a personal experience with Blue Buffalo dog food? Was the experience bad or good? Please tell me your personal experience with Blue Buffalo dog food.

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    I fed Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy, 15lbs of it, over about 4 months or so to my Rat Terrier mix with no problems. I switched him to it from Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Puppy, and it made a great difference for him as far as his coat becoming nice and shiny (which MAY also be due to the fish skins he was being stuffed with at the time as well), but I attribute part of the effect to the higher-quality that BB Wilderness is. Bruno had no issues with the food – no vomiting or stool problems that were food-related (he used to get carsick as a puppy, and he would vomit, but that was in the car only). Now I feed other foods, but I would feed Blue Buffalo Wilderness again one day, and keep it in our rotation, because he had no issues with it. And that’s just our personal experience with this food.

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    cindy q

    My standard poodle puppy loved the food but it gave her diarrhea so I had to switch to Merrrick, she is better on Merrick but still loose stools.

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    I tried the Blue Buffalo(original) my Yorkies just did not eat it . I was going to try the Wilderness but the protein is so high.

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    Sarah Y

    I give blue buffalo freedom (also grain free) to my beagle. He has anal gland issues and I found he does better on the freedom food. He also eats this food each and every time. I have given him Merrick, Innova, and Wellness. Innova made his anal glands worse and he was a little picky over the Merrick and Wellness. I love both of those brands though!

    P.S. edited to add: Sharyorkie, the freedom isn’t high in protein and is a grain free food

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    debbie d

    I feed my Rotty the BB Freedom and she does good on it, actually she does best on it, when I have switched her I end up going back, less stomach issues. I use BB Basics in rotation for my Bostons, one with allergies, and they all do good on it too. Never had any issues and will continue to use

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    Danni D

    I fed BB to my pom puppy and it gave him bad gas and diarrhea- so bad I had him treated at the vet. My Rottie who eats anything- I’ve rotated him since I adopted him as a pup- eats it ok but has bad gas from it. Stools were ok. Just not a favorite and not gone as quick as other foods.

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    Danni D

    Now that’s interesting Marie. Thanks for sharing. At least Purina admits it’s crap by their ingredient label. LOL
    It has me wondering though that BB might be misleading seeing as how my puppy got so sick.

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    I had used BB here for my little ones, but one of my Yorkies ended up with colitis. She was hospitalized for IV therapy (fluids, antibiotic) for 2 days. Horribly bloody diarrhea, severe dehydration, listless and dull personality. She is my “healthy” dog, the only one who doesn’t get liver support therapies. I attribute the illness to BB. I found complaints at that caused me to cease the use of BB immediately just over a year ago. So many there had furbabies that had the same symptoms as my little Yorkie. Now, looking at the complaints, they haven’t slowed down. I have a total of five furbabies (4 canine, 1 feline), 3 of the 4 doggies have liver impaired and receive lactulose (helps rid body of toxins) and Denamarin daily. I attribute their not ending up with colitis to their daily regimens. Two of them did have diarrhea while the one was so sick.

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    Mary M

    I used BB, the Freedom grain-free for small dogs for several months, and my dog seemed to do fine on it, although she never seemed to love to eat it. She did start to have some vomiting, however, and I decided to switch foods. I thought it was a chicken allergy…she had eaten a chicken-based kibble since I got her, and when I fed her real chicken…(which she had eaten before without problems) she also vomited. So no more chicken for her. She’s now on Acana Regionals, and I rotate the proteins. She seems to like it much better. So I don’t know if she had a true chicken allergy…or if it was the BB. But I wanted to get her off of it.

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