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    D L

    My 10 year old Brittany Spaniel is suffering from occasional diarrhea and soft stools and lack of appetite.. My Vet took him off of his grain free diet and put him on Royal Canin Gastro intestinal plus Fortiflora probiotic. The results were good, his stools firmed up.

    After a blood test it was determined that he MAY have IBD and she prescribed A Hydrolized dog food. I put him on Royal Canin Hydrolized can dog food.

    My Vet says when on a Hydrolzied diet you have to be careful of adding anything else to the diet or you will not get the benefits..

    It’s been two days since my dog has been on the Hyrdrolized diet without the Fortiflora probiotic. His soft stools have returned.

    I asked my Vet if I could put him on the Fortiflora while on the Hydrolized diet and she said she did not know.

    Purina claims that Foriflora is a Hydrolized process?

    Does anyone have any thoughts if you can use Fortiflora when on Hydrolized diet?

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