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    Sorry for posting in two places. Hoping for a quick reply.

    I’m already in trouble with the wife for the amount of time that I’ve spent reading over the past few days, so as much as I’d like to, I can’t read the large breed puppy food thread from the beginning. I downloaded the list on page 15 but still a few questions. We’ve recently added an English Mastiff x Great Dane pup to our family. My other dog is currently on a bag of Earthborn Primitive Natural. From what I gather it’s calcium/phosphorous/calorie content is not much different from Orijen’s large breed formula. I can get the meadow feast formula locally but I frown on the single source of amino acids. The only other decent food that I can get locally is blue wilderness large breed. My wife plans to top the food with 1/2 tablespoons of pumpkin and jack mackarel. Would the primitive naturals be too much? (1.5 calcium, 1.0 phosphorous, 20% fat)? Should I go ahead with the blue (not a huge fan but need a bag of food today).

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    Those are pretty remote options-do you have petsmart or petcos? Those brands sound like what’s in a country supply store (i buy earthborn from there) and I know you need one today, but will you be able to order online as well later? If so, you don’t need to worry as much about the single amino acid source as you can get something different next bag.

    Short answer: I don’t touch Blue, and Earthborn is in my main rotation

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    I hate to say this, but I recall calling Earthborn when my Golden was a little pup and the gentleman that I spoke with told me the Calcium in the Primitive Naturals was too high for a LBP in growth phase. I don’t mind single source amino acids at all, after all, it’s why you rotate in the first place.

    What stores do you have locally, Petco, PetSmart, TSC? Have you tried the Victor product locator to see if you might have that at a local feed store. No pet boutiques? You could try cooking or a simple raw diet for a few days if you needed to while you wait for an order to arrive. You could even run to Wal-Mart and feed some Pure Balance canned for a few days in a pinch.

    I’d go for the Meadow Feast of all those you mentioned. I would never use a Blue Buffalo product.

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    I live in rural Mississippi. We have a Petsense but their selection is limited. Earthborn is really the only brand they carry that I use. I ended up with the Meadow Feast. The local feed stores don’t carry anything worth mentioning. Theres a tractor supply about 30 miles from here but I haven’t checked out what they have bc I’ve been ordering from chewy and petflow.

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