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    Ryan D

    I’ve been giving Primal Raw to my little one for a couple of years now. I just recently noticed that although Primal Frozen Raw Food as a whole gets a 5 star and is enthusiastically recommended, the chicken, beef, and lamb only get 2.5 stars. My baby love the stuff, and has done so well on it I’m not going to change unless necessary. But I’m just curious why the 2.5 stars. Anyone have an explanation or thoughts on this. Thanks

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    Jane E

    Something I’ll be interested to learn too because I feed this and have for some time

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    The recipes with a higher fat-to-protein ratio get a lower rating. The ingredients are still good, but more calories come from fat than protein. I personally feed moderate to high fat but I don’t feed high fat all the time.

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    elaine c

    Personally, I feed Answers Pet Food. It is raw and so different because it is all fermented and there in lies the difference. the protein to fat to very low carbs are great. check it out answerspetfood.com

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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