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    Lyndsay D

    Good afternoon!
    I have a big but little lab/pointer mix puppy on natures variety raw and he has a potato allergy (And a few other allergies) . Finding a no potato crunchy treat is almost impossible.
    Does anyone have any ideas where I may be able to find some? or recipes that can be crunchy and satisfying for this pup?
    Thank you!

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    Gloria K

    I usually make my dog’s treats so I know exactly what he’s getting. There are so many wonderful recipes for dog treats that don’t contain potato… You might want to take a look. You can make five or six dozen at a time and they only take a few minutes to make because there’s just a few ingredients.

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    I’ve given roasted trachea and tendons. They’re not chewy/slimy like bully sticks.

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    Hi Lyndsay,
    have a look at “K-9 Natural Freeze Dried, Green Lipped Mussels, they are healthy crunchy & easy to digest but no more then 2-3 mussels a day so not really great if you want to use as training treats, sometimes a small bag of a dry kibbles is best that’s potato free if you want to do training there’s “Canidae” All Life Stages Bakery snacks, they’re a crunchy biscuit that you can break in 1/2 if needed, I was buying Canidae Grain Free Bison & Butter Squash snacks but these biscuits have potatoes but Canidae’s All Life Stages biscuits are Potato free,
    here’s the link, click on https://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products then scroll down a little bit looking to your right & you’ll see “View All” click on page 11 & you’ll see the ALS Turkey Quinoa, Butternut Squash snack biscuits 32.9 Kcals per biscuit & the ALS Wild Boar & Kale Snacks, 25 Kcals per biscuit, you can see picture of the size of biscuit…

    There’s some real easy to make dog biscuits online you can also eat them & they are healthy, that’s why I like the Green lipped Mussels they’re very healthy, if you go onto “Rodney Habib” face Book page or his “Planet Paws” f/b page look for his video’s & he has some really easy to make healthy treats you can make & then put in freezer, I’ve just found his Video’s they’re on Rodney’s Planet Paws f/b page. here’s the link, https://www.facebook.com/pg/PlanetPaws.ca/videos/?ref=page_internal
    scroll down a bit look for second row they’re called “Brain Booster treats” next to them is “DIY Meat Berry Pupsicals” then there’s “Honey, Ginger & Chicken Treats” you can change a few ingredients around if your boy can’t eat those ingredients….
    When you make your own treats yourself you know what’s in them also if you have kids/grandkids it’s a fun thing to do & you can also eat some of them as it’s all human grade ingredients.. there’s even a video “How to make your own pet tooth paste”..

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    Thiet N
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    Kristen C

    I use Brothers Complete allergy formula Turkey and Egg biscuits for treats. It’s grain and potato free. They are crunchy! Mine eat this same food, so they like the biscuits as well. Hope this helps!

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