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    Kim P

    Among several other key ingredients in most dogfoods, my Australian cattle dog is allergic to potatoes; does that mean he’s also allergic to sweet potatoes and yams?– anyone know?… I’m having a difficult time finding food he can eat – as he’s also allergic to rice, flaxseed, & oat.

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    I’m not too sure as I’ve never dealt with potato allergies. If you have a food w/o any of those ingredients, you could possibly try to feed him some sweet potato and see if it does anything within a week or two.

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    No, generally not. Sweet potato and white potatoes are not of the same family and it would be a coincidence if a dog was allergic or sensitive to both..

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    I am curious to know how the allergy to potato was diagnosed. Was it based on a food trial or on blood or saliva testing?

    I agree with Shawna, sweet potatoes are different than white potatoes and may be tolerated ok.

    Fortunately, canines don’t have a big need for starches or grains in their diet, so if all else fails, you could consider a diet without them.

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