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    We’ve had our dog Scott since December-since then, I’ve tried several different foods due to his facial itching. Finally settled on California Naturals Grain Free chicken-that along with an allergy pill from his vet stopped his scratching. Few days ago, I noticed a pink line-not a scratch-just an area around his lower lip that should have been black-was pink. Got a good look at him last night, and noticed his black skin there was flaking of in spots. It’s not bleeding, swollen or sore-does not bother him at all. He is also eating/drinking fine, playing-all his normal stuff. He also has a small spot on his upper lip that is pink. Took him in to be seen today and the doc believes it is just an allergy. Spring did just arrive here in MD, so it’s possible his nose/mouth area got into something while he was outside or during one of our walks. He was given an allergy shot and was told to just keep an eye on him. Is there anything else I can do for him or put on it?

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