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    Kay H

    My seven month old puppy poops a lot – ten times a day – and has diarrhea several times a week. He is currently eating Taste of the Wild – Bison for Puppy. Any suggestions on an alternative food to try for him?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Kay –

    Have you had a stool sample taken to the vet? With a puppy my first suspicion would be coccidia. If nothing shows up on the stool sample pick out another food and try adding probiotics and a spoonful or two of plain canned pumpkin for a few weeks to see if that clears it up. You could also ask your vet for some pro pectalin tabs, usually a few days on those will clear up diarrhea.

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    Kay H

    Thanks Hound Dog Mom. No I have not yet taken a sample to the vet – but it is definitely on my list of things to do ASAP. Thank you so much for the info.

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    Justine L

    Hi I have an almost 11 month old Rottweiler and the first 6 months he was on puppy Pedigree dry/canned and his bowel movements were perfect. I switched to Eagle Pack Original dry and Wellness core grain free canned. He has had very soft stool all the time and frequently has diarrhea. I have taken a several stool samples to vet results were negative for any parasites. I have also tried fortiflora, a probiotic and added plain yogurt with live cultures…and Metronidazole 500mg BID for 5 days here and there which sometimes helps. But I believe it is his food just not agreeing with him. I know it’s high quality and expensive food. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Patricia E

    I recently read about the ingredient carrageenan…supposedly it is known to cause diarrhea in humans & pets. That could be the cause & it might be worth looking into. A lot of canned food has carrageenan including Wellness brand. Go! brand looks like a good alternative because it’s on the editor’s choice list & doesn’t have carrageenan. I’m not a vet but I do a lot of research. I hope that helps.

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    Justine L

    Thanks so much Patricia E! I will look into that.

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    Denise T

    I started feeding Blue Buffalo about 6 months ago and one of my shih tzu started having soft stools which this week developed into bloody diarrhea. I didn’t know about the carrageenan but it wasn’t in his previous food and he didn’t start having problems until I gave him the canned food. I had thought the Blue Buffalo was a good choice due to all the great reviews I’ve read and now I believe it has made my youngest really sick. I thought I was doing a good thing by limiting dry food and doing research, but it wasn’t enough!!

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    Gail W

    I have a rescue organization and just took in 4 pups that were abandoned on a railroad track. I have been feeding my adult dogs Victor Professional and have been extremely happy with the product. I purchased Victor’s puppy blend for these guys. Their stool is always soft bordering on diarrhea. We have had two sets of fecals done, three rounds of Panacur and a 5-day flagyl round. Today my vet suggested that the food simply may not agree with the pups. Too rich. I have talked with several vets over the past 2 years saying that they are seeing a lot of problems with diarrhea with Blue. Just too rich for many stomachs.
    Does anyone have any recommendations for me to try with these pups? I am wondering if the Victor Professional that I feed my adults might work. The info on the bag says it is good for all life stages, but can I depend on that? Thanks.

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    Yes, you can depend on that. Try it, but if it doesn’t work, try NutriSource. It is usually very easy for dogs to transition to.

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    Linda C

    You should have your dog checked for pancreatic problems as well as well as the other things mentioned, first symptom is frequent cow pie poo.

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