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    Sorry guys!!

    My 5 year old Lab has been on Newman’s Own Organic Beef canned food for many months. She has megaesophagus and the texture is good for rolling into meatballs. I also like that it is super high calorie because she does best with small amounts of nutrient dense food. I cannot buy it locally and ran out about a week ago. Ended up having to feed Blue Buffalo Wilderness Turkey and Chicken canned food for several days until my order of Newman’s was delivered. The texture was also good for rolling into meatballs but it had less kcal/can (502 vs Newman’s 625) and more fat which I am not wild about. But I noticed a dramatic improvement in her poop on the BBW!! On the Newman’s it is very dark (almost black) and soft but formed. On the BBW it was brown and firm. The dark poop has always concerned me but dealing with this damned ME, I have to pick my battles.

    Should I stay on the BBW? Any reason why her poo would be so dark on the Newman’s. Maybe a beef vs poultry issue? Is dark (greenish, black) poo ok?

    They are both 5* canned foods but the Newman’s has higher calories and less fat (fat takes longer to digest and the faster a ME pup can digest their meals, the better!) which is why I went with it in the first place.

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    Poop color can change with the different food. My 10 pugs eat different kibbles, cans and dehydrated and raw and they all have different color poops. Also she might still be trying to get used to the new food. There is a food called Abady granular and it has over 800 calories per cup. You could mix this in to your meatballs easily as it is a granular product.

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