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    sandra c

    I have an 8 year old cocker that ate Rachael Ray dog food all his life and pooped all the time and very dry skin. Switched to Earthborn dry food and it has helped but my dog bites at his feet and scratches all day long. He has absolutely no fleas. Do I switch do dog food again?

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    You could try a different food, however it sounds like it could be environmental allergies. Hopefully, if it is, they are mild and/or seasonal.
    I would consult your vet, you don’t want him to scratch till he gets infections.
    He may suggest a prescription/therapeutic diet to rule out food sensitivities, also, ask your vet about adding fish oil to combat skin dryness.
    If it continues for 4 seasons/1 year without significant periods of relief despite treatment by the regular vet. Or the symptoms become worse and the dog is suffering, I would find a board certified veterinary dermatologist for accurate testing/diagnosis and treatment.
    That would be your best bet.
    Your vet should be able to refer you.
    Hope these articles help
    Keep in mind there are even newer treatment options than when this article was written



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    Hi Sandra,
    if he wasnt scratching & licking his paws before on other food then yes change the food sounds like he is sensitive to an ingredient in the new food, take it back & exchange the kibble if you still have a bit left…
    Which Earthborn Holistic formula is he eating??? is it one of the grain free formula’s?? as Earthborn Holistic uses Tapicoa in some of their grain free formula’s..
    My boy gets the red itchy paws, he has them at moment, I’m about to give him his weekly bath & make his feel nice, fresh & itch free, 15-20mins after eating these ingredients- Chicken, Barley, Tapioca, Wheat, Oats makes him go mad with itch & gets red itchy paws also Carrots make his ears itch & he shakes his head…
    My boy has both Food Sensitivities & Seasonal Environment Allergies get some “Malaseb Medicated Shampoo” & wash his paws leave on for a good 2-5mins then rinse off the Malaseb relieves itchy skin & paws kills any yeast & bacteria as well leaves their skin & coat feeling beautiful & soft, the Malaseb can be used daily..
    I also apply “Sudocrem” on Patches paws before our walks & at night before bed, Sudocrem is a healing cream that is a anti bacterial cream for Eczema, Dermatitis & Nappy Rash, you can buy on Amazon or Ebay, the Sudocrem relieves any itchy skin & kills any bacteria & yeast on their skin & paws…..

    Have a look at :”Canidae” Pure formula’s the “Pure Wild” & “Pure Sky” formaula are really good, if your dog can handle higher fat diets the “Pure Sea” is excellent for itchy skin & paws its higher in omega 3… https://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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