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    So… the new guy has just started eating poop:( . Other than the obvious super fast clean up, does anyone have any suggestions for me? I do have digestive enzymes because I bought them thinking I might need them for his diet change over but never used them. Would that help? If so, what amount should I feed? He’s 12 lbs. They are the Mercola powdered kind. Any other suggestions? TIA!

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    Enzymes and also probiotics may help. I believe there are feeding directions on the containers of the Mercola products….just go by that. I do know that my Cavaliers have sometimes eaten poop and other times did not…and I feel their stool eating was not behavior oriented but food oriented because they seemed to do this with foods that didn’t really agree with their stomachs (too rich, imho). I do feed enzymes and probiotics with each meal. Currently, (knock on wood, lol), no one is eating stool….Yay! They are eating Wellness Small Breed Senior and I am transitioning to Wellness Small Breed Simple Salmon and Potato because I feel my new guy seems to do better with grain free.

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    In addition to the digestive enzymes, you could also add plain yoghurt and/or kefir to the food, it actually really helps my Bruno’s digestion when he has an upset tummy.

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    Sorry, but I’ve tried just about everything with no success other than trying to pick it up right away. In fact it seems like the more digested and firm the stool is the more likely they’ll nibble. Yuck! They aren’t as bad as when they were puppies. But I still have to keep an eye on them. It’s so gross! I hope you have better luck than me.

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