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    Hey guys! We picked up a small bag of DE for the critters today. It’s not food grade that I can see, so it won’t being on them, or on top of their bedding, or anything, but for under their bedding, for the yard and behind stuff it should be fine. Anyways, Home Depot also had a big bag of pool DE, for a much cheaper price per pound. I was wondering if something like this would be ok after this small bag is done?


    I’m not sure what the difference is, or if there even is any, other than what the bag says to use it for. Thoughts?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Pool grade and feed grade DE both come from the same source, the difference is in the processing. Food grade DE is mined, dried, ground, sifted and bagged. Swimming pool DE is heat-treated (calcined), partially melted, and chemically treated. For this reason, pool grade DE contains a high levels of hazardous crystalline silica. Pool grade DE may also contain toxic levels of heavy metals. Pool grade DE shouldn’t be used for anything except filtration.

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    Gotcha! Thanks! I didn’t want to buy it without asking what the difference was lol Glad I went with the one I did 🙂

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