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    I only recently read an article by Dr. Plechner who appears to be the pioneer of creating dog food for allergies and tests for allergies etc. Is anyone familiar with Dr. Plechner and his work and is this man truly a dog allergy expert as it would seem.

    One thing that stands out is that he is saying that dogs with allergies should not be given sweet potatoes and you should try regular potatoes. Sweet potatoes contain estrogen which causes more allergies. He explains but I have ZERO medical training so it doesn’t really make sense to me. I mean it makes sense but I don’t understand the clinical part of it. He says that dog food manufacturers have put sweet potatoes to appeal to the humans that are buying the food and is not the best thing for dog food allergies and they can actually make things much worse.

    He also talks of an issue in today’s dogs called “Plechner’s syndrone” which is a hormone imbalance which he claims is responsible for much of the dog food allergies we are seeing today. It has been brought on my breeding practices as best I can make out, according to him. He says that we should have our allergy dogs tested for this first thing if they are having lots of allergies. It can be treated, apparently with hormone therapy.

    Here is a link to one article which is on Dr. Plechner’s website:

    It is rather eye opening if he really does know what he’s talking about. Anyone know of his work and how valid it really is?

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    Thread is not showing up in that left hand column(latest replies)…bumping it so maybe it will be listed? I’m very curious about this subject!

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    I’ve read all his stuff and there is nothing I can point to that says he doesn’t know what he is talking about. I did notice a couple very small things that I chalked up to typo/not proofing. I could easily apply what he said to my dog with issues, except I don’t know how it all ties in when you can get everything back in order without ever knowing your dog has that problem. But if his issues ever go whacko again when I know I’m doing everything right, I’ll have him tested, because at that point I would be ready to believe anything. So, I can’t say he is right, but I definitely can’t say he is wrong.

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