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    Holly M


    Can you please review Only Natural Pet’s Wholesome Homemade dehydrated dog food? I have purchased the Fowl & Fish formula (duck and whitefish) twice, as it looks to be an excellent food based on the ingredients and my 3 dogs love it. I would like the Dog Food Advisor’s opinion of this food.

    Thank you.

    Holly McFarland from Crowley, TX

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    Lisa T

    Can Dog Food Advisor review ‘Good Friends Naturals’ dog food made by ‘Rural King’ please? Thank you Lisa

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    Not having heard of Only Natural Pet Wholesome Homemade I took a quick look at the product and have to say like other niche natural foods I’m flabbergasted by what I found. It appears to me that the product consists of kibble into which some dehydrated veggies are mixed. The instructions are to add water to rehydrate the veggies.

    This is what took me aback. The company reports that the diets have been formulated to meet AAFCO. AAFCO set a limit on calcium as max of 2.5%. The company reports the calcium levels as 2.7% in the chicken, 2.9% in the fish and a whopping 4.8% in the redmeat. How I ask can a company not see that all of those values exceed the AAFCO allowed max?? Either the company doesn’t understand that 4.8 is greater than 2.5 or they failed to notice that the nutrient content exceed AAFCO either way it is a company I’d pass on.

    Lisa in regards to Good Friends Naturals by Rural King contact the company and ask who formulated the food and what that persons credentials are, where is it being made and is there a veterinary nutritionist or PhD nutritionist on staff. Have them describe their quality control procedures. ( is every ingredient independently tested before being incorporated in to the food? What type of post production tests are being done) Will they provide you or you vet with a full nutrient analysis. This is a good article on choosing a pet food /choosing-dog-food/brand-guidelines/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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