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    Carrie V

    Our seven year old Boston Terrier mix has tested allergic to flaxseed, beef liver, pinto beans, barley and potato. I believe he is sensitive (or allergic) to coconut oil and hemp oil, as well.

    Currently on Nutrience SubZero Canadian Pacific:
    There’s something in there making him itchy and flaky…coconut oil maybe? I figured I’d try him on this because his Mastiff sister does incredibly on it. Not going to work for him.

    Was on Smack Chunky Chicken a few weeks ago:
    Chunky Chicken (DOG)
    And did phenomenally, with a silky, dandruff-free coat…but the cost, eeek!

    He’s being switched back to Smack now. If that’s what he’s got to eat for the rest of his life to be happy and healthy, I’ll fork out the bucks…but if there is a less expensive–but still top quality–option, I’d love to know about it!

    I feel like all I do, all day long, is research dog food so I might ramble a bit. 😀 Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

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    Sydney N

    My dog has awful allergies and it turned out she was allergic to all meat proteins, I then found the natural balance wet food and it solved all of our problems! Even the ones that involved her environmental allergies such as storage mites in dry dog food! I hope your baby gets to feeling better soon!

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    joanne l

    Try Purina pro plan it doesn’t have those ingredients in it.

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