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    Mar E

    I have two female Pitbulls and Lucy is about 6 yrs old and the other just barely a year old. I have fed the puppy Authority dog food since I had her and she was 4 months old. The last bag of puppy food I bought was Authority but I got “grain free” puppy food. I thought grain free was better for the dogs? My point being it seems like since I made the change, the puppy has a rash on her chest and arms and I’m noticing little dry flaky bald spots here and there, could the food be doing this to her? Heres the kicker, Lucy also has a rash but Lucy has had it longer and I think hers is more severe than the puppys. Lucy has white fur so I know her skin is alot more sensitive as opposed to the puppys brindle fur however, I feed Lucy Iams Healthy Naturals. Im wondering if this isnt a skin condition Lucy somehow got and infected the puppy as well? They are not excessively scratching or anything but I noticed the puppy has what almost looks like dandruff on her fur. Please help I cannot afford another vet bill and any and all suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated 😉 Thanks so much have a wonderful evening!

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    Hi Mar, does the Grain free kibble have potatos or sweet potato..& does the Authority have a money back guarantee, I would take back the food if this has happened & get the one she was eating before the rash, bold spots & dry skin, also grass can give them a rash on their tummys, if they lay on the grass, what are you bathing them in.. I use Malaseb medicated shampoo, it doesnt strip their skin of oils & kills any bacteria in the skin, its excellent.. I have to bath Patch every 5-7 days or as soon as I see him scratching..try to feed foods high in omega 3’s & 6 & get kibbles with a high omega-3 & 6…..no potatos, no sweet potato,no lentils or other high carb foods or high carb fruits as the carbs convert to sugar & yeast loves sugars..I love Pit Bulls they have a hard time in life, the most beautiful dogs & the Staffy..

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    it *might be the food, but since you feed the 2 dogs different food, it’s unlikely they’d have the same rash.
    have you had either checked for mites? a skin scraping will tell, especially since, as you termed it, the older ones’ is “more severe”. might warrant a visit to your vet before it gets too serious, hence, more costly.

    see if this vid will help you decipher the type of rash:

    been into the ‘breed’ (APBT) for over a decade and still own a few

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