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    So… I really am frustrated and need some advice.
    My 12 year old dog has been on Embark since October and was eating it well at the beginning (ate 2 meals a day and licked the bowl clean), then I had to add meat toppings for her to eat it… now she doesn’t even bother eating any of it with the toppings! She has done this repeatedly with any dog food; eats it great for 2 months… then stops cold turkey and will go on hunger strikes.

    I’ve tried the 15-30 min rule of picking up the food even if she doesn’t eat…. but the problem is because she is old, she will vomit yellow bile if her stomach is too empty. So I really need her to eat 2 meals a day! Her previous owner kept food (milk bones, etc.) out all the time, switched flavors a lot, and 1 meal at night thing.

    I don’t think she is ‘sick’… she wants table scraps and begs frequently (still acts her normal self)… and I’ve taken her to the vet multiple times over the summer. They have done blood and urine tests, X-rays, etc… nothing huge was detected. I think she has been fighting off yeast issues; she scratched repeatedly before and smelled yeasty, but is doing much better with that thanks to coconut oil, digestive enzymes, apple cider vinegar and probiotics.

    I did get desperate so I bought her nature’s variety instinct can and the kibble; she’s been a hit and miss with that, but now her stool is more loose. Sigh.

    Please help

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    Look into rotational diets. Your dog would benefit from it.

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    Trying rotational diets would be good, but with our animals, it has brought out pickiness even more. Be sure you avoid table scraps and extra treats, as that could just encourage her to turn her nose at the food.

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