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    Glenda G

    The Munchkin is too skinny. Turns his nose away from high-quality, expensive dry puppy Yorkie food. Thinking about canned puppy food. Any recommendations?

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    Hi Glenda-

    Has he always been this way or is this a recent development? If it is more recent you may want to rule out anything medically wrong.

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    As a puppy, your Munchkin should be devouring everything, 4 small meals round the clock. Time to do a complete wellness exam, including full blood work and fecal panel, plus abdominal / intestinal x-rays. After it’s all clear, try Orijen puppy food (dry) and ZiwiPeak (wet, as a topper). No need to mix it into a sloppy mess, just place on top or to the side. Primal freeze dried nuggets is a new topper my pups love, healthy and unprocessed. Ingredients are listed on Chewy.com. But go to the vet first!

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    Be ccareful: you may be turning your pup into a picky puppy *if* you are changing foods often because you think he’s turning his nose up at them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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