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    Olga G

    There’s been concern among breeders for some time about phytoestrogens in their dog foods and the effect it has on their breeding females. Ingredients known to be phytoestrogens are PEAS, LENTILS, GRAINS, FLAXSEED, and to a lesser degree, fruits and some vegetables. SOY is on the bad list. My question is, without going through this entire list of foods, does anyone know of any foods that meet this criteria? Or is it possible that Food Advisor can create such a list? It would serve a lot of people’s concerns. Thank you.

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    The only brand I found close to that perfect formula in kibble is the Zignature line of dog food. It’s void of the most common potential canine allergens which are corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and chicken, plus is gluten free. They do use legumes (sorry!). My boys are gastrointestinally sensitive to every ingredient in other brands, we’ve went thru the entire 5 star list. Ingredients like eggs, potatoes or brewers yeast is in everything. If there’s a kibble better than this, I’d love to know about it!

    For breeding females, Primal’s freeze dried nuggets are beneficial but very expensive.

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    Grandma Lucy’s Macanna formulas don’t contain the ingredients you mentioned.

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    The Macanna formulas are made with pinto beans which have one of the highest levels of coumestans (a category in phytoestrogens). Just FYI…

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