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    Lynn J

    A random question…. I was in another forum (Not DogFoodAdvisor) and several people were suggesting that dog foods that contained pea products, peas, lentils, etc, and/or flax had a high enough levels of phytoestrogens that they were having difficulties having their female dogs get pregnant. So then when they go back to their Purina quality of food, their dogs were fine. Not to get into the discussion of breeding dogs, but has anyone on here heard of this? Any scientific links?

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    Tami K

    I’m also looking for information on this. I currently feed Fromm, but am going to breed my girl this season and would like the best outcome. I have heard also that flax and peas are bad for reproduction and the fromm I’m feeding has peas. It is a ways down the list but I’m not sure if I should switch. Its hard to find a good food without peas or flax. Anybody with ideas????

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    Michelle C

    My understanding is that peas are not a phytoestrogen but soybeans, flaxseed, and lentils are. I have feed Fromms for years and have not had a problem but it does make me concerned that most grain-free foods seem to have more phytoestrogens. Not sure how much is too much? Suggestions? Raising a breeding girl so keeping an eye out.

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    Alex p

    There is growing interest in the potential health threats posed by endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) to the reproductive system. Soybean is the most important dietary source of isoflavones, an important class of phytoestrogen. While consumption of soy food or phytoestrogen supplements has been frequently associated with beneficial health effects, the potentially adverse effects on development, fertility, and the reproductive and endocrine systems are likely underappreciated. Here we review the available epidemiological, clinical and animal data on the effects of soy and phytoestrogens on the development and function of the male and female reproductive system, and weigh the evidence as to their detrimental impact.

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    Linda B

    I have been feeding FROMM Game Bird and Tunalini to my dogs for about 2 years and have recently added the Duckenpfeffer. All of my breeding females have stopped getting pregnant! I begin doing progesterone testing and A-I’s in an attempt to turn things around. Today was another BIG disappointment…not pregnant again. I asked the Vet what it could possibly be and she said she had recently read that Peas could be the culprit. I hurried home to read the ingredients and found all three of the FROMM recipes that I am feeding contain Peas, Pea Protein, and Pea Flour. I have 2 breeder friends feeding the same food and having the same problems. I have another breeder friend feeding FROMM Chicken A LA Veg and her dogs do not have fertility issues. I checked the ingredients on the Chicken A LA Veg and NO PEAS of any kind. I believe there is a correlation between the peas and the infertility. It has been a costly and disappointing experience and I am now switching my dog food. :o(

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    That’s very interesting. I hope you have better success with the new food.

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    Crystal P

    Look into Elite series.

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    Lisa R

    How long does it take for the phytoestrogens to get out of there systems before breeding reoccurring? I have been feeding Fromm beef and Fromm puppy (both grain free ) but they are loaded with peas ,lentils……pea meal.

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    Michael M

    Lisa – From when I was researching phytoestrogens for my own physical health, I learned that they tend to cycle out of your system pretty quickly – I think within a day. It will take a bit longer for a human to go back to normal hormonal cycles, and I’m sure with pets it will be the same. Give your dog a week or two with normal food, and it should be all set.

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    Samantha S

    We were feeding Acana Lamb and Okanagan Apple. Originally, it was an excellent quality food, but over time I saw a significant decline in condition and temperament. Specifically, my dogs were fence fighting constantly, my girls either stopped cycle or were unable to get pregnant, loss of muscle tone and dull dry coats. Finally, I looked at the food label: Acana added a load of phytoestrogens: whole green peas, red lentils, pinto beans, chickpeas, green lentils, whole yellow peas, lentil fiber, and more.

    I switched food some one phytoestrogen-free, and we are back to our beautiful, sweet, large litter size kennel that we once were.

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    i know this post is old, but here is research showing many ingredients containing phytoestrogens.

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    Kimberly L

    I feed Pure Balance Grain free small breed and my litters have not been affected. I’ve fed this food for almost 6 years now. My girls have regular cycles as well.

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    Elizabeth C

    Samantha, what food did you switch to?

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    Denise P

    Does anyone have a good brand of dog food that does not cause the fertility problems? I have had bitches not get pregnant or have issues once puppies are here. All pretested before breeding and still having issues so it must be the food. I just switched to 4 health regular not the grain free ones. Hoping this helps but if anyone can give some insight into some good foods I would appreciate it.

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    Jeff P

    I found a great food company that addresses this very issue I love it!

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