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    Any suggestions for storing dry dog food? I am considering the Pet Silo or the metal Simplehuman pet food stainless Steel container w/sealing gasket. If I used the stainless steel bin, I would store the food in its original bag inside the bin. Would opening the bin and exposing the dry food to air degrade the food faster than using the pet silo system? I would consider buying smaller sized bags and buying more frequently in order to use the kibble up before it could spoil.

    Thank you for your thoughts.


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    I use a Vittles Vault rated for a 40lb bag of food. It has worked well for me. I have been having a hard time with ants however I have a bag of opened ferret food in the same pantry so it is quite possibly that.

    As far as opening and closing the bin twice a day (or however many times you feed) I would imagine would have some effect on the food. Although I’m no expert and can’t really say for sure. I think I remember reading somewhere where someone said their dog seemed less enthusiastic about the food the closer it got to the end of the bag.

    I have never heard of your pet silo system but it sounds nifty. I’ll have to look into it.

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