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    My dog loves these so I buy them for him sometimes. I purchased a bag of the bacon/cheese flavor and my husband noticed a fiber, like a paint brush bristle stick out of one of the treats. Very sharp very sturdy. I got to looking in the bag and most of the treats had several of these fibers sticking out of them. Very sharp and so sturdy we had to pull them out with tweezers. I sent Pedigree and email and then sent me back an email telling me I need to contact them during their 8 to 5 business hours. Well I work so that is kinda hard for me. One would think since I’m the customer with their bad product they could find time to contact me. That’s customer service for you nowday. Anyway please be aware if you buy any of these treats. I won’t be purchasing anymore.

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    Stace R

    Hi! Did you ever resolve this? As we just encountered the exact same thing with the Pedigree Marrobone treats. You explanation is exactly the same ‘ like a paint brush bristle sticks out’ some of the treats have several. Did you ever hear from them or get answers??

    Thank you.

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    Tara C

    Hello. I just got one if these “plastic” threads stuck in my finger while reaching into the bag to get out a treat. I am in shock. It is exactly as you describe. I absolutely feel sick as we feed these often to our fur baby. I took photos and will be contacting Pedigree as well as posting this everywhere. Did either of you get a response?

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    Is there somewhere else that these blush like sticks can be sent instead of Pedigree, When we have trouble with food we contact the health department is there a department for dogs food…

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    Been awhile on this. I also give my dog Pedigree products..

    Is there anything else been done on this.


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    Why would anybody give a dog anything by pedigree? They have terrible food!

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    Mandy K

    Also finding the same, has anyone gotten any answers? i have 4 dogs who eat these and am super worried!

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    w w

    I have just found some also. Just sent email to pedigree. Has anyone gotten a response back from them?

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    demaris m

    I made an account on this forum just to comment here!! I just found this same thing and within minutes of posting (with pictures) on Pedigree Canada’s facebook page I was assured that it was most likely a natural fiber such as a pig hair which could naturally occur in any product made with meat and bone meal.
    Not so sure how convinced I am. Any one with an idea how to verify this, I would appreciate any ideas. I would like to know for sure what this is that my dogs have more than likely been eating

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    Kaitlin W

    I recently found this in my puppy’s treats. I contacted the pet store I purchased then at and they told me to return them, which I did. I then emailed Pedigree (business hours were closed) and received the response that it was a natural fibre. I later called pedigree and was told they would mail me a testing kit in which I was to return the treats to them. I explained I returned them to the pet store and was rudely told I was out of luck. If you find these plastic pieces DO NOT return them to the pet store.

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    Why would anyone give their dogs anything made by pedigree. Just saying!

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    Darlene R

    I recently been giving my dog these marrobones bacon and cheese flavor treats and he became very sick, had to keep him at the vets overnight . I have him home now , he’s still not 100% but at least he’s eating and drinking again, not anything pedigree though.

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    Sheila R

    Oh goodness, good thing I found this site because my girl dog loves these treats but ever since I found the plastic strung, I check it and remove it with my mouth. Ever since I found it I thought it was just in my head but I guess not. If they know about it they should do something about it.

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    Crystal D

    I sent a msg via FB and Pedigree responded saying it was pig hair and totally safe for consumption.

    No thanks!!!!

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    Nan M

    I have been feeding my dogs these for over 40 years. There have been no issues. These are just short hairs from the dead animals that are in almost all pets foods, dry or moist.

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