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    Patricia B

    I’ve received warnings about an ingredient added to several peanut butters that is deadly for dogs. I don’t regularly feed my puppy peanut butter, but I’ve always used it to give my dogs pills, etc. Does anyone know what this substance is and what peanut butters are safe?

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    I can’t remember the ingredient; try google. I buy nut butters at health food stores, the ones I grind or they grind, at the store. It’s just nuts, nothing else.

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    Hi Patricia B-
    It is the artificial sweetener called xylitol. It is in a lot sugar free gum, but is also starting to show up in other foods as well, such as peanut butter. Good call, it can be very toxic to dogs, especially small ones.

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    Mike Sagman

    Thanks for answering that, Crazy4Cats. Here’s a link to an article we posted a few years ago warning about the dangers of xylitol:


    Hope this helps.

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