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    Melissia H

    Stormy was fine one min and in the blink of an eyeye she went from fine to laying down and balling up, whining, quivering, fever, scared me so bad I rushed her to the vet on a Sunday night and of course her pancreas was the problem.. He started her on an IV and she is not showing any improvement whatsoever.. She has been in “hospital” for over a week and she seems to b getting worse.. The vet has done ever test imaginable and she still will not eat…get eyes have turned a milky white like a blind persons eyes and I am so damn worried about my baby!!! What can be done?? She is 4 years old and has just gotten into everyone’s heart here at home… My dad has Parkinson’s and he lives with me and if something happens to her then I am afraid it will just destroy him…I want my baby home and healthy..have her back to doing tricks and junk…does anyone have any advice that maybe we r missing??? I am crying now..

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    Laura D

    Wish I had answers for you! Any improvements? Our shih tzu all of the sudden experienced the same issues on Jan 1. Thankfully she never needed hospitalization and is now doing well, but it was rough. We got fluids, Cerenia injection. Sent home with Cerenia tabs and tramadol for pain and she turned around fairly quickly.

    Low fat diet is apparently the key and we’re working on that… Unfortunately we knew she was allergic to chicken and now we are adding pork to the list! She is allowed her food only, i’m very strict after all she went through.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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