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    I have a 16 month boxer that has been having food issues since we brought him home. He poops several times a day with his morning poop being solid but then goes down hill from there. His vet seems to think he has allergies and I did find out he is allergic or has no tolerance for chicken. He was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis and responded very well to his medicine, and his diet of rice and cottage cheese. However, since we incorporated his food (Nature’s Balance L.I.D. fish and sweet potato) his diarrhea is back. We have tried several different foods but I can’t find any that works well with his digestion. Before his pancreatitis diagnosis, his vet suggested hypoallergentic food but with all the different foods out there it is so confusing and overwhelming. So, I don’t know if he has allergies or he always had a mild case of pancreatitis that, until recently, has become inflamed. Any advice would be so welcomed! Thank you.

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    Hi, I know this post is a few days old and you may have found something by now that works for your pup. You have to be really careful about the fat percentage in everything that he eats so you will be limited, and limited even more if he can’t have chicken. If you’re still having trouble, the best advice I can give you is to join the pancreatitis group on Yahoo. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They’ll give you ideas and other things to ask your vet about. I know it is not popular but some dogs do need a prescription diet for at least a little while in order for the inflammation to go down. Others do better on a home cooked diet.

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    When U buy a kibble always look at the Fiber as well. We thought that our boy had Pancreatitis but blood test came back good, so now the vets said IBD & colitis & seasonal Allergys.. My boy was put on Eukanuba ‘Intestinal’ vet diet..fiber-1.75% Fat-10% its a low residue kibble easier for them to digest, his poos are excellent now, just 2 poos a day but when he was on the Royal Canin Hypoallergyenic his first poo was good the next were just sloppy, u couldn’t pick them up on our walks, the fat was too high 19% fiber-1% was good.. I looked up the fiber for Fish & sweet potato & its 4.5% fat-10% have you tried the Duck & potato LID its just 3% fiber & fat is 10%.. sweet potato has high fiber..Also google ‘Canine Atopy’ you’ll read about the 5 different allergys dogs can have as people often think its the feed & its not…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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