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    Leslie M

    I am new to this forum and wondering if anyone has suggestions on helpful sites/information regarding pancreatitis. My 1 year old Yorkie has been at the vet under observation & on fluids/meds since Sunday and the internal medicine specialist highly suspects pancreatitis, based on the ultra-sound perform today. I’m devastated and overwhelmed with information. I’m just wondering if anyone with experience has advice on where to start in educating myself. Also, any experiences are welcome. I’m finding myself terrified at what my sweet girls life with pancreatitis is going to look like since it seems to be such an unpredictable illness…
    We’ll obviously be starting a low-fat diet but since the specialist cannot rule out possible IBD he would like a low-fat, limited ingredient diet… My 4.5 pound Yorkie is a terribly picky eater.
    Thank you so much for any advice!

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    Freddy w
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    sharon c

    I also have a shitzu that has had pancreatitis twice. The first time was from a store bought dog bone with the meat look alike stuff in the middle. It was the worst 4 weeks ever. I finally got her to a specialist. She gave her anti – nausea medicine and kept her on it for 2 weeks, she said other vets tend to take dogs off of it too soon. Pain medication, an appetite stimulant (because she was not eating) and an antibiotic. Her diet was changed to a grain free Chicken, sweet potato blend by Natures Recipe – most pet stores sell it. She was much better within a few days but all of the medication lasted about 2 weeks.
    The second time she got kennel cough and was prescribed DOXYCYLINE – She got pancreatitis within 2 days. I researched Doxycycline and found that it causes acute pancreatitis in humans and they give o rat induce pancreatitis. DO NOT use it if your pup is susceptible to pancreatitis.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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