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    Tyler S

    I have done research over the past few months of having our puppy and honestly I am overwhelmed with everyone’s opinion of which dog food is “best.” Our budget doesn’t allow for some of the dog foods I have seen reccomended, but I would put a TOTW price point at the high end of our budget. I like the thought of the diamond naturals price point and food, but maybe that’s not what’s best for our pup. Let me give you the info on our dog and please help us make a decision on what fits our budget and also fills our pups tummy.

    We will feed this until switching to adult food unless we are told otherwise. Currently she is on American Journey Lamb and Rice

    Brands we have thought about:
    Diamond Naturals
    Blue Buffalo

    She is a lab hound mix and looks like she will be 70+-10lbs. She was rescued. So far we haven’t noticed adversities to any food she has been given. Let me know if you need more info

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    Hope these articles help. When you do “research” you are going to get all kinds of opinions.
    Traditional veterinarians have very different views on diet than traditional veterinarians.
    So you will get a lot of conflicting information, and some of it will not be accurate.
    Have you considered Pro Plan Focus? I think they have a large breed puppy formula.

    Good luck with your new pup!

    Here it is https://www.chewy.com/purina-pro-plan-focus-puppy-lamb-rice/dp/52422

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    Oops! I meant to say homeopathic veterinarians have very different views on diet than traditional veterinarians.

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    Hi Tyler,

    I got email of the latest study done in February on popular dog foods that were tested for toxins & contaminates, below are the first 12 brands that got 5 stars for product purity.
    American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potatoes got 3 stars….
    You will notice white meats Chicken, Turkey & Pork seem to be cleaner meats & kibbles that have fish as main protein seem to be very high in toxins & contaminates, so your best not feeding a dry kibble that’s fish/salmon etc, I go to Aldi’s & buy their tin Sardines & tin Salmon in spring water, add 2 spoons to one of her meals a day…
    Aldi’s have a new kibble called “Heart To Tail” Pure Being it has pretty good ingredients, go to the “Review” section up top of page, look up “Shep dog dry food” scroll down & you’ll read peoples post about Aldi’s new brand called Pure Being, DFA hasn’t review the new Pure Being formula’s yet, there’s grain free & grain kibbles, people have put up the ingredient list, fat, protein & fiber %…. I wish I could get Pure Being in our Australian Aldi’s, my dog does really well on kibbles that have sweet potatoes….

    5 Star freeze dried raw, dehydrated raw formula’s & dry kibbles.

    * “Buckley Liberty” – freeze dried beef, freeze dried Chicken, G/F Lamb dry kibble & Chicken dry kibble formula.

    * “Canisource Grand CRU”- ALS Turkey dehydrated raw dry food, Pork & Lamb dehydrated raw dry & red meat dehydrated raw formula.
    Iwould stick wit the TOTW Victor Nutro & Diamand

    * “I and love and You” – Naked Essential G/F Lamb & Bison dry kibble, Naked Esssentials G/F Chicken & Duck dry.

    * “Nutro” Natural Choice, small breed Chicken & lentils recipe, Natural Choice, Chicken & Lentils dry recipe, Lamb & Lentils dry recipe, Nutro Wild Frontier Open Valley dry recipe, Nutro Wild Frontier Rolling Meadows dry recipe.

    * “Diamond Natural” Chicken & Rice dry formula & small breed puppy dry formula.

    * “Proffessional” – Lamb & Brown Rice dry & Chicken & Pea formula dry.

    * “Dog for Dog” Lamb Meal & Brown Rice dry.

    * “Purina One”- Smart Blend Chicken & Rice formula, Smart Blend Healthy puppy Dry formula,

    * “Fresh Pet” Chicken recipe dry.

    * “Canidae” ALS Lamb Meal & Rice Dry formula, Canidae’s “Under the Sun” Adult G/F Lamb dry, UTS adult G/F farmed raised chicken dry, UTS G/F Puppy with Chicken dry.

    * “Simply Nourish” Adult Chicken & Brown Rice recipe, Chicken with peas & potatoes G/F recipe dry.

    * “Eagle Pack” Large & Giant Breeds Naturally Dry formula & Small Breed Chicken Meal & Pork Meal dry formula

    Yesterday I bought a bag of “Wellness Core” G/F Large Breed kibble, I got it 1/2 the price cause it’s due by date was ending of 25th March 2018, the kibble is still good, it’s when you open the bag of kibble & the air/oxygen gets to the oils in the kibble, then the kibbles starts to go rancid, so make sure if you buy large bag of kibble get out enough kibble for daily use for about 1-2 weeks & store in an air tight container & put the rest of the kibble in a dry cool place & make sure kibble bag is air tight, I sticky tape the kibble bag, if it has no seal on it, then I put the bag of kibble into another plastic bag seal, then I store the kibble bag in one of those plastic storage containers & I put it in the coolest part of the house where my air condictioner is so it stays cool…

    Shop around for bargans & rotate between different brands, Victor, TOTW, Nutro, Diamond, Eagle Pack & Pure Being, this way your dog will have a healthy stomach & stronger immune system cause she’s eating a variety of ingredients & she isn’t eating the same brand ingredients 24/7 & if the kibble she is eating is high in toxins then she wont be eating it for too long to cause any health problems later on cause your rotating with other brands…….

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    Tyler S

    Thank you so much for the replies. You don’t happen to have a link to that article do you?

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    Please read the post made by the moderator at DFA
    Excerpt below: /forums/topic/cleanlabelproject-org/#post-104484
    “Regarding the controversial website you referenced in your comment…
    Until CLP becomes more transparent with its test data and its controversial claims have been verified by an independent third party or by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, we ask readers to refrain from posting any further references to this organization or its opinions anywhere on this website”.

    PS: Personally, I don’t believe it to be accurate.

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    “PS: Personally, I don’t believe it to be accurate.”

    I am referring to the project that shall not be mentioned by name, not the comment by the moderator.

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    Hi Tyler-

    It sounds like you have a large breed puppy. If so, large breed puppies have unique dietary needs and can not be fed a regular puppy food. You also need to be careful when feeding a food labeled for “all life stages” unless you are certain is it LBP appropriate. For this reason I tend to gravitate to companies that are known for producing reliably correct large breed puppy foods. My favorite one being Purina Pro Plan. Purina has spent millions of dollars on food trials and research on large breed puppy nutrition and growth. The price point may also be better for you and it is a widely available food. One other thing to note is that Pro Plan in general is highly disgestable, which will be great for his stomach given that he came from a shelter situation. Shelters are horrible places for dogs/puppies to be and it is very stressful, so GI upset is not uncommon in newly adopted dogs/puppies.

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    Jean O

    I am also confused about choices. The breeder of my Poochon recommends Royal Canine but having lost our poodle to a recall I am keen to feed our new pup the very best no matter what it costs. Please help!

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    Jean O

    I am also confused about choices. The breeder of my Poochon recommends Royal Canine but having lost our poodle to a recall I am keen to feed our new pup the very best no matter what it costs. Please help!

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    Hi Jean,
    are you on facebook? start following Rodney Habib, Dr Peter Dobias, Planet Paws, Dr Karen Becker, Steve Brown….
    Rodney Habib has quick easy to follow video’s educating pet owners about pet foods, dogs diet over vaccinating etc,
    Start looking for Freeze Dried Raw, Air Dried raw -“Ziwi Peak” make really good wet & dry dog food, send them an email for samples- https://www.ziwipets.com/ when you send email ask them any questions you may have or there’s Dehydrated raw foods “Honest Kitchen”
    Try & avoid dry processed kibbles if you can, also start feeding either home made raw or cooked meals as well..

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