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    Hi everyone,
    So i came across this board and figured it was worth a shot to ask for help. I have a 5 month old puppy, and I want to feed him the best food for him. Problem is, when I started looking into everything I became totally overwhelmed by the amount of choices!

    Here’s some info on Bruce (my dog):
    He is a chihuahua/dachshund mix
    He’s almost 6 months old
    Will be neutered December 5
    He’s about 11lbs
    He doesn’t lead a super active lifestyle, although I walk him at least 1.5miles daily. However, with winter coming up this may change

    I prefer to buy from a pet store for convenience, but I’m not totally against online ordering if it’s what is best for Bruce. Price is not a huge issue, he really doesn’t eat that much and my husband and I really want to feed him what is best for him! Where do I even begin?

    Thank you!

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    Print up the 5 star list and take it to your local pet stores and take notes on what is available to you. Then buy a small bag of 3 or 4 different ones and try them. If he doesn’t like them or doesn’t seem to do well on them, crossthem off your list. If he really likes one or seems to do exceptionally well on one, make note of that. When you have used up those pick a few more to try next and do the same. Try to find at least 3 brands of food that he does great on, more is better. I would aotomatically cross Blue Buffalo off of my list because they have had a lot of complaints about diarrhea lately. And any Diamond product is a no go for me too, because of all their recalls. And Evangers and Great Life are permanantly on my too shady to do business with list. If you are interested in a brand but want to know more before you try it, ask about it under it’s own review, or here.

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    I second what Patty said to 99.9% (my pup has been on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy for a couple months and he has done great on it, no diarrhea (VERY firm stools actually)), but being cautious wouldn’t hurt. My personal preference is for grain-free foods, which is what most of the 5-star dog food for either adult dogs or puppies are.

    Another advice – take the time, read reviews AND comments, AND the forum – it may be overwhelming at first, but if you develop a structure/way to do it, or even better, a passion for researching what is good for your pet, it will become easier to handle. Lists are great, so do that and keep an eye on how your dog is doing on a particular food, and an ear out for food recalls. You can sign up for the free recall alerts on this website. Also, if you find at least one great food for your pup, you will probably find at least a few more good ones, and rotational diets seem to be highly-recommended for optimal dog health.

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    Read this article and watch the video. That will give you a good start. /frequently-asked-questions/choose-dog-food/

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