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    Sondra W


    I have tried numerous dog foods for my overweight little dog. My 8yr old Pomeranian has thyroid issues, double hip dysplasia (leaving her to be a lazy bum all day with no exercise), is allergic to chicken & beef and her skin is pink (not itchy though). Also, because we got her shaved one too many times her hair won’t grow back. I am looking for recommendations on low fat non-chicken & non-beef food that will also help her hair/skin. I started her on OC Raw Dog and she seems to have lost a little weight but I would like to find an easier alternative (kibble or dehydrated).


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    mike d

    u know what, for human can take the supps to loss weight, but not sure if doggy the same? if walk enough everyday, and take some [url=http://www.best-dietary-supplements.com/l-carnitine-34]L- carnitine[/url] which can build muscle and cut the weight.

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