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    Carolyn M

    I have a 40 lb beagle who walks only 5 mile per week and doesn’t runaround in the yard, I have tried Hills Science Diet, Fat Dog dog food and recently I have been cooking ground turkey with beans and veggies he hasn’t lost any weight. He was heart worm positive when we rescued him 2 years ago and gained 10 pounds in a few months. What is the best weight reduction food to feed him?

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    It’s not about finding the right food. Move more, eat less, that is how people and animals can lose weight.
    Do you have health insurance for your dog? I ask because I think from the information you have provided that your dog might benefit from aquatic therapy (swimming). If your vet prescribes it for weight loss it may be covered.
    One minute of swimming is equal to four minutes of running.

    Dogs get bored, you have to find an activity that they are passionate about. Try different things.

    Consider consulting an Veterinary Internal Medicine Specialist.

    PS: Has the vet ruled out medical causes for the weight gain/slow metabolism? Senior workup? I would start there.

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    Make sure you have a vet visit done, to make sure he’s healthy.

    We adopted an obese dog & used Wellness Core reduced fat food with great luck. If I needed such a food now, I’d use Annamaet Lean. Make sure your dog isnt getting table foodor many treats. If you need to treat, use the kibble.
    Good luck!

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