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    Steve M

    Our greyhound was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Any help would be appreciated. Is it possible fluoridated drinking water could have caused it?

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    It can be genetic or start in a normal fracture. Full bone removal is necessary, nothing good about it at all.

    Fluoride ingestion can cause dental fluorosis (disease of the teeth), weakening of bones, bone loss, bone cancer, kidney disease, osteosarcoma and hormone disruption. It’s synthesized when added to water, not natural.

    It’s a Class 2 environmental toxin. Whoever did this to your dog should be under investigation.&

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    Richard K

    If fluoride causes all that and it’s in All drinking water what are we supposed to give our dogs for water? I use a pur filter so they get filtered water but i dont think it takes fluoride out of the water?

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    Carol l

    I feel your pain. We lost our greyhound to this terrible disease. Don’t know about fluoride in the water but we gave ours distilled and we still lost her. Ohio state has been working on this problem for several years. Ask your vet about calling OSU. Aputation with chemo. Good luck sending lots of prayers.

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    Melanie D

    We have a 13 yr old female Great Pyr. She also was recently diagnosed with an osteosarcoma on one of her transverse process’. No way to remove that. We have no idea what caused it, but 13 is quite old for a dog as large as she is at close to 100 pounds. We are on a well, so she has never had water with flouride. I do believe in the bodies ability to heal and have removed everything that could potentially be toxic that I can identify to either slow the growth of it, assuming that is possible.

    I wish you well with your greyhound.

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    Gina H

    We lost our 6 year old Great Dane to osteosarcoma. It’s very aggressive and bone removal is is the best way to combat it but it often spreads. Unfortunately we couldn’t amputate her front leg as Danes put 60% of their weight on their front legs. It would have been tough for her to have a quality of life.

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    Steve M

    I know one thing that may help with canine cancer.
    Stop feeding kibble!its carbohydrates and turns into sugar. Sugar feeds cancer big time !!!

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    Andy B

    ironically, my italian greyhound had a tumor removed from under her right front shoulder on oct 31st at mississippi state university veterinary school in starkville, ms and it turns out to be osteosarcoma (on the exterior..very unusual). The tumor was just smaller than a tennis ball and she had a previous tumor that was removed that was about the size of a golf ball 7 years previous. the first tumor never bothered her and was removed when she was under anesthesia for dental cleaning. non malignant. the second tumor never bothered her until recently (around mid sept) when i went to pick her up and she responded with a bite (her defense mechanism when she feels pain or the threat of pain..had to muzzle her for eyedrops when she was healing an ulcerated cornea) i travel full time in my motorhome with her and 2 brother maltese/pekingese. the greyhound turned 14 in sept and the brothers are going to be 16 on dec 12th..my vet in las vegas advised that because of her having an enlarged heart and heart murmur against removing the tumor because of the stress of anesthesia at her age unless it started bothering her. all 3 are active and have always had high level dog food with chicken or beef combined. their water is usually the same bottled water that i drink and have never given them any water i wouldn’t drink. unfortunately, the prognosis is grim..i was advised that she may only have a few months even with chemo therapy..i am leaning toward declining chemo due to additional stress being put on her and not much benefit in the results. tomorrow i go in to have her staples removed and as i am typing this she is looking at me and has no idea anything is wrong. i will give her the care and love that she has had over the course of her life for the remainder of time she has but i accept that not all dogs have the same longevity..

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    Steve M

    Thanks for sharing. One thing I read was don’t feed kibble to a dog with cancer. The carbs just turn to sugar and sugar feeds cancer. This is the part I hate about pets. It’s so hard when you lose one. I hope he lasts longer then expected.
    Best, Steve M.

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    Steve M

    I’ve read where curcumin and ? help fight cancer in humans. I’m trying it presently.

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