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    holly h

    So i am crazy about my what my dog gets for food. After watching pet fooled on netflix it set me off into a full on a pet health thing. Anyway, I have a 2 year old aussie who i have changed foods on so many times. Here is what I have done with her.

    Taste of the wild for years, never had a issues, did great then on the last batch around a year ago. She got super sick, throwing up, outside all day, she was a mess. Had to take her to the vet many times, She would get better and then after eating the food she would go into a total brake down again.

    Changed her over to a few other brands that I cant think of, and then went to canidea. She has done great on that and I was hoping to keep her on that. Then i heard about Origen, which is top, top, top, dog food from what i lot of people have told me. However now, everyone is saying they are having issues with the food along with Acana. I have my aussie on the six fish now, as they had a bag on sale. So I picked it up and thought it would be a good change. Well now I am worried about the food, from what every one is saying. Along with *********** thing that I has started I have no idea what to do. If I could go raw I would, but I have person in the house hold that can have raw meat around due to health issues. So what do you guys think? What about Zignatures and there high salt levels I have heard about.

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    Hi Holly-

    My first piece of advice is to slow down and take a breath. I understand how confusing all the conflicting information you read on the internet is. I went through the same thought process as you, until I realized that my best option was reading up on the literature offered by veterinary nutritionists. I feel I’m now able to make much more informed, rational choices for my pets and not get hung up on propaganda from documentaries like PetFooled and all the complaints about different dog food brands.

    If Canidae is working well for your dog, whats the harm in keeping her on that? Although based only on ingredients Orijen looks like the “best” food on paper, it is not appropriate for every dog, nor does it work for every dog. The right food for your dog is the food they thrive on, not the food everyone tells you is the best and you MUST feed to be a “good pet parent”.

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    Don’t believe all that propaganda junk. It’s from the homeopathic vets and raw feeders (biased)

    If you want science based veterinary medicine go here: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/category/nutrition/
    Nothing is being sold there and veterinarians tend to participate. I have found the site to be very helpful. If you ask a question it may take a bit for it to show up, they don’t allow haters to rant so I suspect they check comments before posting.

    Zignature is an excellent dog food, my 2 dogs are thriving on it. If you go to Zignature’s website and ask a question, they will respond.

    Also, from the review section regarding that rumor about the sodium that isn’t true

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    joanne l

    Hi, I would suggest trying Dr. Gary’s best breed. Very good food, I know the police in Ohio use this on their police dogs. Its made in Ohio and all natural. I use the lamb and rice. If you like grain free they have that to.

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