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    Hey guys! I’ve been looking in to going all raw for Bentley (currently on SSLL) but I’m not sure about organ meats at all. After checking with the grocery store meat department (thank god I work there or they’d think I’m nuts LOL), the only organs I can get are tripe (I assume beef), chicken and beef livers, beef kidneys, beef and chicken heart (muscle, but you know what I mean). I may be able to get lamb or pork organs, I’ll have to double check. I asked if I could get pancreas, and they said that’s its not something they are able to order.

    So my questions are, if I can only get beef and chicken organs, would this be enough variety? Also, would it be ok to only use liver and kidney, since there’s really no other place close by to get anything else? After much consideration, it’s not cost of space effective to order online for us. These questions asked, would it perhaps be a good idea to continue SSLL in rotation to pork, chicken and beef muscle meats, and the limited selection chicken and beef organs (assuming I can not get pork or lamb organs)?

    And my last question, Bentley weighs something like 7-8 pounds, and is eating 5 oz of muscle meat and SSLL a day. About how much would he be eating on all raw, and how much of that would be organ meat? At his small size, what’s the best way to get him his organs (he loves them, so large meals of them wouldn’t be a problem)? And how do I estimate bone content?

    I think that’s all I’ve got for now, but more will come up, I’m sure. Thanks in advance!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Akari –

    Tripe is not considered an organ mean, it’s considered a muscle meat. Additionally, any tripe sold at a grocery store or butcher shop would not be what you’re looking for. Tripe sold for human consumption is bleached and thoroughly cleaned (why it appears white) – this removes all the benefits of raw tripe (e.g. enzymes, beneficial bacteria). What you want is green tripe (uncleaned), but this can’t be sold in places that sell product for human consumption. I order it from Hare Today or My Pet Carnivore.

    Obviously the wider variety of organs that you can feed and the more protein sources you can attain them from the better, however liver and kidney are the two most crucial organs and if you can get them from a red meat source and a poultry source you should be okay – especially if you are still feeding a commercially balanced diet. Feed 5% liver and 5% kidney and rotate between beef and chicken a few times per week.

    If you want to go ahead and add a multivitamin to the homemade meals you don’t need to be concerned about adding organ meat all (although you certainly still could).

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    That’s right! I totally knew that lol Silly tripe and it’s grossness :p

    I’ll go out maybe today (or after work tomorrow) and talk to the meat department guys and get a list of exactly what they can order, but I’m pretty sure they’ll all come from mostly beef and chicken, and only at the extent of what I’ve listed off. I wish I could get rabbit for something different every now and then, but they’re like $20 for a small, couple pound animal! Plus the shop they come from is far away lol I think I’ll be able to shop sales on lamb, at least. Variety sucks here lol

    Ok, so he weighs 7.8lbs, or 124.8oz. He’s a very active dog (being a terrier) so I wonder if I should keep him at the 5oz he’s eating on SSLL, rather than doing the 2-3% body weight thing you’re supposed to start at (3% for him would be 3.74oz)? At 5oz right now, even on 30% fat pork, he keeps a good, lean, muscley weight.

    I think, just to be sure I cover all my bases, I’ll rotate between all raw and the SSLL mix. A just in case sort of deal, you know? I’m still a bit unsure about this whole do-it-yourself business when it comes to balanced raw because if you screw it up, it can be very detrimental. That said, I may go for the multi vitamin deal for some extra insurance. I actually have some kids chewable multi vitamins. Could that be something that would work (They’re all natural and organic, made of fruits and veggies)? If not, what’s cheap that you would recommend?

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    Got a list of all the organs they are able order. These are based on seasonal availability, I’m sure, but it’s a start! And it’s a much larger list than I thought it would be!

    -sweet bread
    -veal liver





    Now, what exactly is sweet bread? The lady working there wasn’t too sure as she doesn’t usually work in the meat department, but in seafood, but she thought it was some kind of intestines. And pork maws are testicles, are they not? The only thing not on this list are hearts, because, well, they don’t really count… Lol

    I think I’ve good selection of liver going on, and kidneys aren’t too bad of a pick, either. I think I just may be able to do this and feel good about it! I will continue with SSLL in rotation, even still.

    Anyone have any input on the portion sizes up there?

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    Sweet bread is the pancreas and/or the thymus.

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    Oh! So that would be something worth looking into then! Is the thymus gland something that’s good to feed?

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