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    Dena v

    Hi, I am going to try ordering merrick canned dog food online. Who do you guys order dog food from online? Just wanted to see if there are any popular places that have good prices and reputation. Tia!

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    I order from wag.com and chewy. They both have excellent customer service. Fast delivery too and if you spend over $49.00 the shipping is free. Sign up for their emails. When they have a sale they will email you and you can get some great deals that way.

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    Bobby dog

    I order from Petco, Petsmart, Chewy, and Petflow. I have had excellent customer service and fast delivery with all of them. I always read and hear about Chewy’s excellent customer service. Each has a minimum purchase of around $50 (+ or -) for free shipping. Sign up for e-mails with these companies too for their sales and deals.

    FYI, Petco is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase until midnight tonight.

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    I have ordered other stuff from Chewy.com, and I am thinking about ordering food. They are reliable, quick, and have great costumer service. They also have a great return policy.

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    I order a lot online, but stopped ordering canned food. It would always be the case that I would end up with waste because cans would be dented. The grossest shipment I ever received contained a total blowout. It was summertime. It was a real stinker. Yuk.

    I found The Honest Kitchen foods make great toppers and they ship so much better than cans.

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    I order from Chewy.com, PetFlow.com, Wag.com and SportDogFood.com. In the past, I used Petfooddirect.com but shipping arrival was too inconsistent. Don’t order from doggie food.com, not recommended.

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    I have never ordered cans on line. I have heard too many people say how badly damaged they come.

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    Hi Deana-
    I have been ordering canned cat food from Chewy.com and Amazon with no issues. I have also ordered other things from Petco, Pet Flow, Pet Smart with no problems either.

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    I had quite a few shipments of canned only from Chewy and they arrived dent free.

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    Dena v

    Thank you all

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