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    william m

    First time posting. I have a one year old female lab/newfie mix. She is a rescue dog that was on a diet of Wild Callings rocky mount medley. For the first few months she ate the food no problem, then she wouldn’t go near it. I tried several other foods, Fromm, Earthborn Hollistics, Merrick Back Country infused and Nature’s Variety raw boost.
    She would start off fine with all of them, then all off a sudden stop.
    I have tried adding a little canned food to the kibble and that worked for a while, then she started picking out the canned food and leaving the rest.
    Now she will only eat canned food.
    I had my vet check her out, no problems.
    She is on a schedule, food at 7am and 4:30pm.
    I leave the food for 30 minutes, then take it away.
    I tried leaving the food to see if she will eventually eat it, but she won’t touch it for days.
    Should I be concerned or is my dog just a picky food snob.

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    She may need more exercise to increase her appetite. Or too many treats that may taste better than her food. Or the food is starting to go stale quickly (in what you keep it, dogs can smell it before we do). For the latter, I distribute a 27 lb bag into 7 airtight containers with liners inside that I twisty tie as the food goes down. Anyway, I went through all of these situations, it’s a fine tuned balance of type of food/supplements /exercise/snacks/rest. And it changes as they age. For me, I learned it was sticking to a strict daily routine or their eating habits and weight go astray. Until you find an appropriate food your dog likes, adding things to it like toppers, broth or canned won’t resolve anything.

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    elaine c

    smart girl… I wish more dogs were that smart. Dry dog food is convenient for you and terrible for dogs… check out Answers Pet Food. You will never look back.

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