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    Michael P G

    Hey, I have a question for anyone out there who might have tried or knows about either Ollie’s or The Farmer’s Dog delivered fresh dog food. I’m tempted to try it since my 7 yo Boston Terrier seems to be getting more picky as he ages and I want him to have the best that a non-processed, whole food diet can give him. HOWEVER, when I look at the nutrition breakdown of both these seemingly respected new brands, the protein min/max is around 12%, which is significantly lower than the Blue Buffalo kibble and Stella and Chewy’s dehydrated that I currently feed him (around 24% protein). He’s an active dog–lots of hiking, swimming and outdoor adventure and I’m concerned the change won’t meet his requirement for best muscle maintenance, etc. Anyone have any advice? Or experience with delivered whole food/homemade diets? Thanks!

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    Hi Michael-

    The protein % on raw or fresh cooked foods is not converted to dry matter. Once converted the 12% protein is much much higher.

    Here is a good article on here about how to convert to dry matter and what it means


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    I currently use The Farmer’s Dog, and my dogs love it. That being said, they are beagles and love almost everything… BUT, I am impressed with the ingredients, company, delivery, customer service, etc! I do wish their recipes had more organ meats.

    I have no experience with Ollie’s, but their recipes also look good. However, they include white potato which is something I try to avoid, since they are controversial in terms of whether they contribute to inflammation/allergies (and one of my dogs has bad seasonal allergies).

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