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    My proud Llewellin setter is 13 and having significant dry itchy smelly skin issues. I have Dinovite and their fish oil supplement in route. I’m looking for an excellent dry dog food recommendation to pair with it so my boy can enjoy his golden years! Any advice is greatly appreciated. My Vet just wants to sell me Hills Science Diet (which has less than stellar ratings on your site)

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    I would go chicken, potato, and grain free. Try Brothers Complete, Nature’s Variety Instinct, Nature’s Logic, Earthborn, or Orijen

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    you may want to supplement with fish oil.

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    I would look for something with limited ingredients, grain free, and with fish protein. If possible, find a few different brands that meet the requirements you are looking for and rotate through them. Particularly with limited ingredients foods, rotating dog foods around will help provide a better nutritional scale, and improve your dogs nutritional intake. Plus, it keeps it interesting, your dog won’t be stuck eating the same thing every day.

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    dowsky, Dinovite comes with an omega oil supplement…either chicken fat or fish oil can be chosen when you order. I like Nature’s Variety Instinct, Earthborn or Acana/Orijen.

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