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    Omayra R

    Anyone here give these yo their pets? It was recommended for our 5 month old puppy, bc he’s a carpet chewer.

    We were told Carpet chewing = vitamin deficiency.


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    Carpet chewing could be due to any number of things. Off the top of my head in that age bracket I’d consider investigative chewing, attention seeking behavior, separation distress, barrier frustration and medical/pica.

    Details as to when it occurs what you do when it occurs what areas are being targeted can all give you clues. I wouldn’t necessarily equate carpet chewing with a vitamin deficiency.

    I’ve seen Nu vet… wasn’t impressed. I think it is a multi- level marketing venture???. I’ve seen breeders not guarantee their pups unless you buy the vitamins using a code that credits them for the sale. Really rubs me the wrong way.

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    Hi Omayra

    A 5 month old puppy chewing carpets can be anything from normal puppy behavior (most common reason) to something nutrient related to a behavioral issue and so on. I would not rush into a nutrient deficiency diagnosis so quickly!

    Before anyone can suggest any supplements for your puppy can you please tell us his current diet including treats please be as specific as you can.

    What is his day like? Yard, Walks, Toys, People always around? How much time does he spend alone? Does he sleep and spend any other time in a crate?

    Can you please also tell us what brand/type of shampoo and conditioner that you use and how often you bathe him.

    And can you please tell us any medicine he is currently taking, including flea control. How much and how often and his vaccine history.

    And last but not least has he had any blood, urine or fecal tests run and were there any abnormal or out of range results.

    Is there anything you would like to add that will help us to know him better?

    I don’t mean to pry but you must take into consideration the WHOLE dog to start figuring things out. Looking at a symptom or a behavior without knowing more about a dog usually results in treating a symptom instead of curing the cause of the symptom by returning the dog to complete and overall optimum health. This may not always be possible but starting with the whole dog is the way to go!!!

    Keep Up The Good Work!!!

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    At four months old your dog is still very much a puppy. Puppies will chew. It’s what they do. I believe it probably starts off with teething and then sometimes continues as a habit. They also entertain themselves with chewing. Unfortunately, usually inappropriate items. If you haven’t already, you need to have a variety of items for your puppy to chew on. Also buy the Kong (size appropriate for your puppy) fill it up with some wonderful treat (preferably soft). Freeze it and then give it to him frozen. He’ll kill hours on end trying to get the good stuff out. Remember though the treat (something soft) has to be something delicious that he only gets in the Kong. Buy two Kongs so that one is always in the freezer ready to go. Most puppies also chew as I said for entertainment. They get bored very quickly. At that age he’s still to young to be left running around the house by himself. He should always be somewhere where he can be watched and gently corrected when acting appropriately. If you can’t keep your eyes on him (showers, shopping, work, etc.) he should be in his appropriate size crate with toys (large with no small parts so he can’t choke). Anyway, that’s my two cents. It’s always how I got through the numerous puppy stages of all my dogs. They also sell all sorts of sprays and such that you can buy to detract him from a certain area.

    Also, I agree with Aimee. Nu vet and a lot of similar products is all marketing. They have realized that there is a whole population out there that they can make money off of and has not yet been tapped. Just gimmicks that they market so well and we fall for them until you get some experience (old age for me is what I’m trying to say) and realize that it’s just another marketing ploy.

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    Hi Dori,

    Just wanted to say I got quite the chuckle out of the recommendation to have 2 Kong so one is always ready. It is great advice! The reason it caused me to chuckle is that when Brooke was young two wasn’t enough… nor was four or six… I ended up with nine yes nine Kongs! Still to this day remember hubby going into the freezer and asking “Who used the last Kong and didn’t refill?”

    I would line them up in coffee mugs to fill them I really thought the company should make a rack for that purpose. She ate most of her food out of Kongs yet the little stinker still would munch on the wall board.

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    Hi Aimee. Nine Kongs? Wow that’s pretty funny and scary. I love your idea about a rack for the Kongs. Or at least a stand for each? That would be great.

    I’ve only had one dog that still chewed as a puppy even with the Kong unbeknownst to me for quite a while, that was Tracy our Tibetan Terrier. She had only an on switch, no off switch to her until periodically you would hear a thud and it was Tracy who had finally wound down and kind of collapsed. For the longest time I thought it was so sweet that she found herself her own comfy safe space under the rear part of the kitchen table. Well………….little did I know she wasn’t napping. She was chewing away (a huge chunk) junk of the back side of the pedestal to the table very quietly pretending to be napping. Cause I swear every time I looked toward her she had her head on the cool floor with her eyes closed or just kinda looking at me. She was a real stinker and always always into something. She was that way until she turned 4 years old. That was a very long puppy stage but I was told at the time to expect that from Tibetan Terriers. She had such an “out there” personality. Everyone was crazy about her. Miss her everyday.

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    Yup nine.. I had a bunch and then I bought a Kong Time which came with 4. That item was a house saver, so sad they don’t make them anymore. It held 4 Kongs and dispensed them randomly over 4-8 hours your choice. If it jammed and didn’t dispense when I was gone there would be a new hole in the wall. Some people keep track of their child’s growth by pencil marks on the door jam.. we kept track of her growth by height on the wall that the wallboard was eaten LOL. Hee hee Brooke ate the chair rung when I thought she was “napping” Puppies….

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    First I think your puppy is chewing carpet because he’s a puppy, that’s just what they do, they eat carpet, dirt, pretty much anything they can get to like a toddler, everything gets tested in their mouth. That being said, I am a breeder, I do recommend NuVet to my clients, however unlike a lot of breeders that force clients to buy it, I actually feed it to all of my dogs, whereas a lot of them don’t even feed it to their own dogs. I only recommend my clients buy it, I don’t require them too, I think it’s crazy to force someone to feed something you choose for their dogs. However I have seen it benefit my dogs, some others I couldn’t tell you if it’s done anything, but it hasn’t harmed, and I have seen it help one dog that arrived from Germany and got hot spots, started her on the NuVet and she has never gotten another four years later. My son’s older dog with severe arthritis has also benefited greatly from the NuJoint Plus. For the cost of a couple of fast food trips a month, for one dog at $15-$20 a month, and knowing you’ll probably buy a vitamin from the pet store for the same price of I don’t think you can go wrong with the NuVet, it’s produced in a USDA approved facility with human grade ingredients and there are a lot of good testimonials out there about it. Just because something is part of a network marketing plan doesn’t mean it’s a bad product or a scam, Mary Kay Cosmetics works the same way, and Mary Kay Cosmetics has a wonderful and very old reputation, same with Avon. What it is, is a great way to market your product through word of mouth on a much more personal level than television ads. Tell me have you ever seen a TV ad for Mary Kay Cosmetics, or an ad in Vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine for Mary Kay? No, because they put their money into their employees and sales reps instead of into the pockets of the big guys at network television and the magazines.

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