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    I would like to put my dogs on Wellness but it is very expensive so I’m choosing between these two companies instead. Nutro is the lowest price but Blue Buffalo is the better brand with a larger variety to choose from. Which company is better and why? Which company should I choose?

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    jakes mom

    I’ve been reading a lot about rotating foods, you may want to consider that. You could give the dogs whatever good quality food you happen to have coupons for or whatever’s on sale. Lots of good info and discussion about rotation on these forums.

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    Jackie B

    The tip about rotation is a good one. In addition to other benefits, it allows you to be more flexible in order to take advantage of sales and coupons.

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    I also agree with the rotation theory. I personally think Wellness and Blue are similarly priced, especially at my Petsmart. I would choose Wellness for sure. Of the two you mentioned, Blue and Nutro…..I guess I’d choose Blue.

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