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    Dotsy M

    Some seemingly healthy dry dog foods list as ingredients multiple vegetables, fruits, & herbs listed as “pomace”. Other equally healthy dry brands just list the veggies & fruits as ingredients, no pomace by the name.
    What, if any, is the nutritional value of the “pomace” version of the fruits & veggies vs. the “non-pomace” veggies & fruits.

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    The pomace is the by-product from using the fruit/veg for other products like ketchup, juice, etc. It’s in the dog food for fiber. The whole fruits and vegetables might still contain some vitamins and antioxidants (and also fiber) but are not a by-product but the amount of actual fruits and vegetables may be quite low. Check out this article from Dogs Naturally Magazine:


    For me, I would take pomace over paying a whole lot of money for a seemingly insignificant amount of whole fruits and veg but then you would also have to evaluate each dog food recipe individually.

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