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    I’ve brought in a little Yorkshire terrier I saved and I’d appreciate any advise in getting her good vitamins and grooming products. Vet says she’s approx. 16-18 mths / 15 lbs. I’ve had her spayed and chipped as of May. I’ve been feeding her a mix of Purina One and Nutrisca along with raw carrot chips (she loves loves loves) …and of course boiled chicken and canned salmon now and then but her coat doesn’t yet have a nice sheen to it.

    I just checked my Nutrisca to make sure it wasn’t a part of their salmonella recall and thank goodness it wasn’t. Any advise for this darling would be so greatly appreciated.

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    I have a yorkie but he weighs 7.3 lbs. I feed mine canned freeze dried and I cook for him too. I love wellness stews, weruva go fit , fromn. I give him for treats blueberries, raw carrots, bananas, apples. I give him Nordic natural fish oil(3days a week) and organic coconut oil 3 times a week. I ‘venever had much experience with one that large. Good luck with ur new baby. They are my absolutely favorite breed. This is my second one and I’m trying to talk hubby into a little female.

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    Any reason why you are blending the Purina ONE and the Nutrisca? The Nutrisca would be a lot better of a food nutrient wise than Purina ONE.

    It might take a little time to start seeing a change in her coat. I worked at a grooming salon for a bit and a shampoo we would use on Yorkies a lot was Espree Silky Show.


    Look into Sardine Oil or Krill Oil. A little better for the skin and coat than Salmon Oil. More expensive though too.

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    thank you…thank you for the great feedback. I know the Purina One isn’t so great but my neighbor gave me some when I 1st got Olive and I tried to get her to just go for the Nutrisca but she wouldn’t. Then I couldn’t find the Nutrisca at Petsmart or grocery. There’s been a recall this summer..just discovered. Have so much of both I just decided to supplement with chicken, beef and veggies on the side 🙂
    Blue Buffalo was too rich and heard little doggies have sensitive tummies …so..
    She loves raw carrots…so I give her as treats vs biscuits all the time. Will try the recommended shampoo…and give her bananas & blue berries. She’s a wonderful doggie. She’s now spayed and chipped and warming upto my cat. I love her so! Terriers are so entertaining I can forgive the wild temperament. I had a big lab ..chow mix that was magnificent and silky years ago but lost her to old age and Olive has filled the void. I’m childless …so she’ll be spoiled rotten like the cat when I get educated on her breed.

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    Kate L

    I suggest Arcana. Unfortunately it is expensive, but since a Yorkshire doesn’t eat very much, it would be worth it. It has a very clean protein content. If you go to their website and read how this food is prepared you’ll be impressed. I gave this to a very elderly Boston Terrier along with Salmon oil and he coat just shone!!

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    Are you able to order food online? has really good/low prices and they do repeat delivery if you find a food she likes. I’m not sure if a high protein food would be too rich for her, I think Blue is just not a very good food and I don’t think their sourcing is quality.

    Fromm is an excellent food and has pre/probiotics sprayed on the food after it’s cooked for easy disgestion. It’s also a very palatable food. Might be something she would do well on.

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    thank you for the tip! Should have checked before heading to PetSmart. Just got her some – Nature’s Variety Instinct (Dry)

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    I like to give probiotics and a green superfood supplement.

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    NV was the second food my dog ever ate. He didn’t like it much. But I think that also stemmed from him not wanting to only eat dry food, even as a puppy. You also won’t find Fromm at PetSmart or Petco as they don’t sell to big box stores. If you are ever interested in feeding it you will have to see if a small pet boutique in your area has it or order online.

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