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    christine d

    When looking at Dog Food Advisor’s list of recommended dog foods, there is a section that states the nutrition content. Should I be looking at the “Dry Matter Basis” or the “Calorie Weighted Basis” to know what ratio of protein/fat/carbs my dog is getting? So confused!

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    Hi christine d-
    I think that using the Calorie Weighted Basis is the more accurate way to analyze the dog food.

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    Hi Christine, this is what I use, it’s a Calculator for Calories, it’s for German Shepherds but it still gives you an idea how many calories your dog should be eating….
    If you want to know how many Carbohydrates are in the kibble your feeding or want to feed add the Protein% + Fat % + Fiber % + Moisture% + ash % if there’s no ash % just add 8% to the sore, now take your sore away from 100 & you’ll have the Carbohydrate amount….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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