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    Karen J

    Trixie, the dog that had crystal in her urine and having a puddle in the house occasionally is now taking d-monnase & vit c using cream cheese as a delivery vehicle – nothing else hides it.

    no grain, she was eating Blue Buffalo Basics, grain free, small breed “lamb& potato with Stella & Chewy chicken dinner patties crushed -sprinkled on top.

    stopped eating kibble and stella just started a few days ago. Poops though. She gets Good Lovin Lamb & Kiwi blend freeze dried treats, grain free treats, Natural balance dental chews and bully sticks, so she’s not getting that much of it. Occasionally a pure bites chicken breast treat freeze dried.

    She’s active and healthy and as far as I can tell pees and poops outside on the patio thru the dog door and when we go on walks.

    last few days won’t eat the kibble and stella & chewy mixture at all.

    What gives – do I change her food again?

    don’t know if she still has the crystals, supposedly no infection or stones prevailed.

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    Are you maybe giving too many treats? She looks like a very small dog. If she is still pooping, she is still eating. Try cutting out the treats for a couple days. And try cutting back on the amount of supplements, in case they are decreasing her appetite. If her eating doesn’t pick up then, changing foods again may be what you need to do. My dogs didn’t like BB when I tried it, but that was years ago. Personally, I’ve heard too many stories of dogs getting bladder stones on it for me to want to feed it to a dog with crystals.

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    Karen J

    Okay, so she’s not getting a lot of treats because I’m so busy I haven’t been training her much. She only gets the supplements once a day.

    But, what small kibble, grain free options do you think might be worth a try? You sound very much against BB, they are tiny bites and grain free. But she’s not eating them all of a sudden.

    Now I’ve heard dogs do self fast. I’ve tried Orijen dry no go and too big and Merrick wet, wouldn’t touch it.

    I haven’t found any pee puddles lately, that’s the good news 🙂

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    I agree about Blue. Some foods with small Kibbles are Natures Logic (technically not grainfree but the only grain is millet), Amicus, Solid Gold just a wee bit (unsure if it’s gf?) and Farmina small bites.

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    Hi Karen have you tried Wellness Small Breed? they’re have wet & dry….here’s a link to have alook at the Whole Wellness range… also have you tried feeding wet tin foods instead of kibbles, wet is better when they have had crystals…

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    Karen J

    Thank you I will try it.

    Yes, I was trying to find a wet food she liked but gave up after about 4 different varieties without grain. Merrick and BB and a couple of others.

    I will give Wellness a try.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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