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    The site shows me logged in here and able to post a new topic for other forums, but not the Dog Food Ingredients one.

    There it just repeatedly tells me I must log in and must be logged in to create a new topic. But every time I type in my user name and password and hit submit or enter, it just refreshes and treats it as though I didn’t log in or attempt to either. It looks like it will let me reply to something else there, like another thread topic, only.

    Anyway, I just want to post an interesting article w/link on US sourced ingredients that might pose dangers in commercial foods or homemade, whether directly or indirectly through animal feed in meat sources. So, that seemed the appropriate forum, creating it as a new topic/thread. Can you look into this please? Maybe a system glitch? Thanks.

    When I have time, I’ll try to come back and post it in another forum here, I guess, like off topic. Haven’t had time to post/reply on this site recently.

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    I hit refresh after logging in (if it didn’t work) and then I show up. Doesn’t happen all the time.

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    That happened to me with the Supplements forum. I went back to it the next day and it was fine. Very bizarre. Must have been a glitch as it has resolved itself.

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    I’ve been having trouble lately also.

    Funny thing was that earlier today I was trying to log in and assumed I was getting my password wrong so I hit the forgotten password button to be emailed a new password; however, in order to put in the new password, I had to type in my user name and password in this little authentication box that kept popping up. LOL! Then I noticed the little howdy box in the upper right hand corner had my user name in it and somehow I back-doored the sign in box, and it turns out that somehow I was actually logged in the whole time.

    If all of that makes sense. : )

    Oh, and I just tried refreshing like Sandy said and it worked. Weird…

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    Nancy M

    That happened to me about an hour or so ago……

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    I had this problem a few months ago. Suddenly corrected itself

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    It will log me out all by itself between one post and the next one 30 seconds later.

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    That has happened to me periodically. I emailed Mike and he told me to go to disqus.com and sign in there. He has no control over here at his site. Periodically you have to sign back in at disqus. I did that and it corrected the problem immediately.

    My problem now is that I am getting a lot of ERROR 404 messages and neither Mike or I have figured out yet what’s going on.

    Good Luck

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    Sometimes I hit refresh, and then I will show up as logged in.

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    You can be logged in on the forums side but need to go to disqus.com and re login on the disqus site. Anyway that’s what Mike had me do and it worked. Now anytime that happens to me I just go to disqus and sure enough I need to log in and it fixes the problem. I don’t know why it happens but Mike said sometimes you get thrown off every few weeks and just have to go there log in again. I’ve never had a problem with being logged in on the forums section. It’s all a mystery to me.

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