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    Karene H

    I just bought a couple of packages of Primal frozen formula to try, and compare to, Stella and Chewy’s and I noticed on the package it said “not for human food”. I have also seen that sort of statement on the packages of green tripe. I have heard that a statement like this means a product has been adulterated some how, and is not safe to feed to my dog. Stella and Chewy’s doesn’t have this on the package that I can see. Anybody have any ideas about what is up with this?

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    Hi Karene

    The term “not for human consumption” applies to ALL dog foods. It has nothing to do with the quality of the ingredients. The minute a food is labeled for dogs it is now “not for human consumption”

    Foods like raw or green tripe and any food with ground bone are never allowed for human consumption. Foods like beef, chicken and salmon whether they are the highest quality and “human-grade people food” once they are labeled as dog food they are not for human consumption. It is a regulation thing.

    Hope this helps

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    There’s even a warning like that on Weruva Human Style canned food! It looks like human soup. And it’s also made in a human food kitchen.

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