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    Susan H

    Does anyone here own a Norfolk Terrier? I got a 10 week old last Saturday and want advice on what puppy food works well for their systems. The breeder was using blue buffalo puppy food but said she was probably going to switch back to Fromm. She stopped because chewy stopped carrying it.

    I know as in other small breeds there is a risk for obesity and for heart issues (I plan scrupulous dental care).

    I lost my nearly 17 year old miniature schnauzer a month ago and want to give this new pup the best life I can.

    Any suggestions for food, supplements would be appreciated.

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    Lewis F


    I have a one year old Cavapoo. We used nothing but Orijen Puppy from when she was three months until she was one. I forget the brand the breeder was using but we, over a period of a month, had her on nothing but Orijen small breed puppy. At one year we easily transferred over to Orijen original. She is doing great and loves the food. We also used Missing Link Puppy powder additive once a day.
    Yes, our Sophie is pretty much spoiled
    Smart idea on clean teeth. Our Vet recommended a cleaning enzyme which we use religiously on her teeth


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    Susan H

    Hi Lew,

    Thank you for your reply. Are you now feeding adult formula Orijen? I have read some of the comments about the change in location of manufacturing from Canada to the USA. You experienced no problems?

    I was heading out to buy Merrick’s puppy food because I had fed my schnauzer Merricks lil plates but when I saw Purina bought them I absolutely refuse to buy it. I have a large flock of chickens and Purina has killed more chickens than not, so I never feed mine any Purina products.

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    Lewis F

    I have been feeding Sophie the Orijen Original adult formula for over three months. I took two months to gradually switch from Orijen Puppy to adult original. She has about a cup a day and weights approximately 15 pounds. We have never experienced problems with any Orijen product. If you go that way I recommend to start the switch very gradually.

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    Susan H

    Thanks, Lew.

    I just left the local holistic pet food store. They sell Orijen, and other top quality foods. She said all their line is 5 star rated by Dog Food Advisor. I was happy to hear that.

    She told me that out of all the dog food manufactured in the USA, that Orijen has the highest standards. That was good to know.

    She recommended that I keep the pup on what she was on for at least 2 weeks until she is settled in with us. Also, the vet gave her a worm pill yesterday that was likely too strong, and she’s been throwing up since last evening. I purchased some raw goat’s milk to help settle her tummy. I may decide to change to a holistic vet that is farther away, but maybe more up to date on natural alternatives as well as conventional.

    I’m sort of leaning toward Stella and Chewy’s raw, and am going to search in the forum for experiences with that.

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    Susan H

    Oh, interestingly as well, I mentioned to the person at the store that I had planned to buy Merricks until I found out they had been purchased by Purina. She told me yes, but so far Purina has left everything intact including ingredients and manufacturing, and they have promised not to interfere with the line at all.

    She said the day they find out Purina has interfered in any way is the day they remove all Merrick products from their store.

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    a c

    Susan H,

    I am so sorry about your schnauzer. The time with them are never long enough.

    I have a 5 months old schnauzer puppy. When I got him at 6 weeks old, the breeder has just started feeding him puppy chow. I switched him right the way to Orijen puppy because almost everyone told me Orijen is the best one out there. He is doing pretty good. Beautiful thick coat. Solid stool.

    But I decided to switch him to Horizon Amicus puppy recently. He is going good on it too. I also add some Simply Nourish puppy kibbles and wet food as topper just to give some varieties.

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