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    Anyone know what other 5-star foods are non-gmo? Just started Wellness Core Ocean but not sure its working for a 5-star. I went to the Merrick site but didn’t see any info. TIA!

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    Brothers Complete

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    Not sure if its all of the flavors, but Nutrisource advertises non-GMO.

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    Amy V

    Don’t believe it. They are tricky with their wording as they may have GMO-Free ingredients but that doesn’t mean they are GMO free.

    I’ve been feeding my dog Stella & Chewy but just confirmed from the company that they can’t guarantee the animals were not fed gmo corn, etc.

    Primal – Rabbit & Venison 100% GMO-FREE (they can’t guarantee any others)

    Seems if the meat is not 100% from New Zealand then good luck getting a guarantee it is GMO-Free.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Unfortunately very few companies can guarantee that their meat was not derived from animals fed GMO-containing feed.

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    Victor’s Ultra Pro 42, and Yukon River formulas are gluten, grain, and GMO free. Both are 5 star foods. If you look at the PDF for both foods, there is a circular emblem, with the words going around the “stamp”. http://www.victordogfood.com/

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    Elizabeth K

    Try Caru Pet Food. All of their stews and treat are GMO free. As well their ready to serve stews are made with FDA approved 100% human grade ingredients, and are processed and handled in accordance with FDA regulations for human food. They are so palatable too. I know many picky dogs who just LOVE this dog food! http://carupetfood.com/

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    Just because it says GMO free on the bag doesn’t mean everything in that bag is GMO free, they only need one ingredient to be GMO free to be able to advertise that on their bag. In order to have everything GMO free it would cost you and arm and a leg to buy even a small amount of pet food. You really can’t get around GMO unless you have your own garden anymore with how widespread GMO is. The only way to go about this is to cut out the major GMO ingredients such as corn, wheat and soy and do your research on everything else contained in your pets food which means trying to dig that information up on the internet which most websites are just opinions from people that don’t have a clue about what their spouting or to call the manufacturers and try to reach someone that knows anything about what their selling. Most people don’t have the time or can’t put in the effort to make their pets food day in and day out to avoid GMO.

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