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    Joeys mom

    I quit buying dog food except some kibbles Purina One. I buy human food such as chicken, beef, and salmon. I push the vegetables into their diet. I cook the meat and add vegetables and mix it with kibbles. For a little juice, I use yogurt and mixed that with frozen blueberries. I got so tried trying to find the right dog food and then to find out the dog food as been on the recall list. Besides that, it is much cheaper to make my own food even though it does take more time to make.

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    Be sure that your using recipes for making a nutritionally complete food. Feeding an unbalanced homemade food is worse than feeding kibble as it will be nutritionally deficient in certain vitamins, minerals, trace elements and omega fatty acids that are required for a healthy dog.


    There are many recipe books available. And also has a homemade diet section. Nature’s Logic has a food supplement and there is also Missing Link.

    I use “Real Foods for Healthy Dogs and Cats” 3rd Edition by Becker/Shaw. Another good read is “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet” by Steve Brown.

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