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    Jennifer R

    Does anyone know of a dry dog food that has absolutely no form of legumes or poultry but that has a rating of 4 or 5? I’m probably looking right at it, but I can’t for the life of me find one.

    I have a senior Akita who has liver and gallbladder issues and food intolerances. He’s refusing homecooked food and canned food (refusing as in not eating for days). He will eat kibble right now, but I’m having a hard time finding a quality kibble without legumes and poultry. He’s also sensitive to corn, soy, and goat, but he really can’t tolerate any form of legumes or poultry.

    His vet recommends Royal Canin, which has chicken fat and causes gas. I was ready to try Natural Balance LID or California Natural but then I saw the ratings. At this point I realize grain free foods are out because they replace grains with legumes, but isn’t there a quality meat-based kibble that uses grain not legumes? Are all kibble with grains plant-based?

    Any ideas would help! It’d be great if the kibble were also low fat while still being high in protein, but I’ll settle for meat-based, above 4 stars with no legumes or poultry of any form.


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    Denise R

    I had a Brittany that passed away two weeks ago at age 15. She too was allergic to legumes plus peanuts and potatoes. We struggled for years trying to find good foods without any of these and as soon as we settled on one, they’d change the formula. You had to read the ingredients on the bag. Ev.er.y. time! (On an aside, I did read that a lot of dog food manufacturers were buying their peas from China where they were treated with toxic chemicals in their pesticides.). Sometimes we had to use the cheapest dog foods because they had the right ingredients or should I say they lacked the wrong ones. Now…so sorry, back to your question, in the end we were having really good luck with the PetSmart brand “Authority”. I don’t know if they made “the list” but you can check the ingredients online. I think I saw at least one that may work for your dog. The crude protein runs 29% on the ones I checked. Our dogs did well on it. No more itchy spots, nice shiny healthy fur, etc. And right now all dog food is 30% off with free shipping if you buy it online. Good luck!

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    You might look into Pioneer Naturals, and Wysong Anergan, Wysong Epigen Fish or Epigen Venison. And some of the Addiction Raw Dehydrated products. Grandma Luvy’s Artisan line.

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    I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a Brittany who will be six this week.

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    Hi Jennifer-
    Does your dog do ok with green peas? I know mine can’t have chickpeas or lentils, but do ok with plain old peas. Good thing because they are in just about all kibble now!

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    Jennifer R

    Thank you all for responding!

    Poor old dog can’t handle any legume, in any form or any amount. The gas it causes is beyond words. Took awhile to figure out it was legumes but our noses thank us now!

    I checked out the food suggested and was so excited to see Pioneer Naturals Whitefish and Sweet Potato fit the bill almost perfectly! No grains, no legumes, no poultry, 5 star rating, not high in fat and not costing an arm and a leg! I gave him some today- first time in weeks he licked his bowl clean and asked for more! 8 hours after first meal and no gas or rotting belches, so yay!

    Thank you so much for suggesting it!

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    Good news!!!

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    I just looked quickly at a few I was thinking of that might work for you. Please double check the ingredients to make sure it doesn’t contain any of your triggers.

    Another to take a look at would be Dr. E’s Limited Ingredient Grain and Potato Free dry dog foods in buffalo. Also take a look at Great Life Grain Free buffalo.

    Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Diet Open Meadow Holistic Entrée Dry Dog Food would be a good choice if he can tolerate millet.

    Personally, I’ve used First Mate products for my boy with sensitivities and think highly of them. At quick glance, their Ocean Fish Meal Original Formula Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free might work.

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    Terry K

    I have a dog that had SILICA STONES removed any ideas of what kind of dog food that is ok for him? NO corn, soy, root veggies,. DO you know how to see if the SILICA content of foods are low????

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    I would go by whatever prescription food your vet recommends, I would get the vet’s approval for anything otherwise.


    Silica is a rare urolith which may cause urolithiasis and cystitis.

    The role of diet in spontaneously occurring silica urolithiasis has not been determined, although plants are often an abundant source of silica.

    These uroliths have been reported in many breeds, mainly purebred dogs[1].

    Urolithiasis in middle-aged male dogs is the most common presenting problem[2]. The stones are usually multiple and develop in the bladder and urethra. Silica uroliths are radio-opaque. They frequently, but not always, have a characteristic ‘jack-stone’ appearance.

    Identification requires spectrographic analysis and cannot be made with kits for qualitative stone analysis.

    When present, urinary tract infections should be eliminated. Diets high in plant proteins should be avoided.

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    In another thread, you recommended Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea to an individual whose dog had silica stones.


    Is there a reason you’re not recommending that same food, but rather Rx food, for Terry K?

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    If you reread my post you will see that is not what I said at all. No biggie, we all misinterpret things from time to time. Hope this helps.

    From the link to my post that you referenced: /forums/topic/food-for-dog-with-silica-stones/#post-83704
    “Check out Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea at Chewy.com”
    “My dog has a history of struvite and calcium oxalate stones and does well on it, no reoccurrence in bladder stones in almost 5 years now. I add water and offer frequent bathroom breaks/opportunities to urinate. Keep the bladder flushed”

    “I have also used prescription food recommended by the vet with good results”.

    PS: I think we are all offering opinions, no one is here in a professional capacity. I see a lot of opinions I don’t agree with, but, I don’t say a word. Unless I think the advice may cause harm…but even then, I try not to respond, as I assume the pet owner will consult a professional for any serious issues.

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    I guess I didn’t see that I was misinterpreting something since the posters in both threads mentioned specifically that their dogs had silica stones. But, OK.

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